Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas

This was the book written by Antonio de Morga which was told to be a first-hand account of the early Spanish colonial venture into Asia which was copied by Rizal with his annotations above … published in 1609 in Mexico but re-edited for the Hakluyt Society.  The original book should have the real account of the real identity of the Filipinos for which was not told through out Philippine History.  Philippines was an established kingdom called Maharlika in the 5th to 11th Century but colonized by the Spaniards for more than 330 years.  All our identity as Filipinos is still hidden in one of the big churches in Spain could be Barcelona and that should be returned for the Filipino People.

Who was Dr. Jose P. Rizal? well one of the World Bank Lawyers Karen Hudes in here video below claimed that Rizal was the son of Prince Tallano the twin brother of Queen Victoria who was always at the Vatican and was looking after the Royal’s Gold which was taken by the bank cartel and is now in the Central Bank of the Philippines.  Watch the video… crazy isn’t it?  but look…

The 1.7 million metric tons of gold from the Royal’s which was under a trust account set-up by President Ferdinand Marcos with Jose Rizal was said to be in his last will and testament for the Welfare of the Filipino People.

Rizal’s story … the book of Antonio Morga and the modern account of Karen Hudes can be linked in some weird ways that could be true… all we want as Filipinos is to have what is due to us nothing else.  We have been deprived of our identity for centuries… we have been deprived of our wealth as a nation… and this is our chance to know and learn more about our real identity and history before the Spanish came.  Up to this moment in time the Roman Catholic church is still the main tool by the Vatican that spies and tries to interfere with government.  It is a corrupt church with corrupt ideologies twisted using priests and the bible to gain their own self-interests.  You may disagree but since the Spanish era the RC church was used to conquer communities… destroy families… destroy nations for the reason of wealth, money and possession.  Read the book of Morga which work was based on personal experiences, or on documentation from eye-witnesses of the events described. The Sucesos is the work of an honest observer, himself a major actor in the drama of his time, a versatile bureaucrat, who knew the workings of the administration from the inside. It is also the first history of the Spanish Philippines to be written by a layman, as opposed to the religious chronicles (which I believe were twisted accounts and lies as they are to this day).

Trust account with signatures…

Jose Rizal changed his name to Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz …this should be noted…

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Most of the accounts in this blog are from videos and accounts and claims of people who have done their researches on the missing gold of the Filipinos by the Marcoses and Jose Rizal aka  Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz.

Here’s another story below which would blow your mind..

Watch this modern explanation from Atty. Homobono Daza…


The Real Truth or Myth about the 720,000 metric tons of Gold of the Maharlikan Empire (the Philippines – owned by one family the Prince Tagean/Tallano’s autistic twin brother of Queen Victoria and father of Jose Rizal who hired the young Marcos as their lawyer and set-up the World Bank in 1944 … bloodline of the King of the Maharlika)

The history of the Philippines before the Spanish colonization – is a whole long video which you can view here below…

Then after it continues to the so called “ill-gotten wealth” of the Marcoses which is not true in my belief… read below:  The Philippines should be the riches country in the world even Ronald Reagan knows and said this… on the video below. See the relationship of the Marcoses to the Reagans…

Above video shows the relationship of the Philippines and the USA during Reagan’s time…

“ILL-GOTTEN” Marcos Wealth Shocking Truth Revealed: The 2016 Golden Empire Exposed!  from

Don’t get confused (video below) by this claim from KAREN HUDES former World Bank employee “for the benefit of humanity”… that’s not true… it is for the welfare of the Filipino People (what Marcos wanted and the lease agreement expired in 2005)… not for all humanity… as the US wants to get that gold reserve…


Did you know about – MARCOS GOLD?

This was the “MARCOS WEALTH” that some POLITICIAN and CHURCHMEN kept on saying was the:

“ILL-GOTTEN” Marcos Wealth.

Brief History

From 1866 to 1898, Prince Julian Macleod Tallano, who became title-holder of OCT 01-4 in 1864 – ORIGINALCERTIFICATE OF TITLE 01-4 PROTOCOL. The number 01 refers to the ONE NATION, known in pre-Hispanic times as MAHARLIKA. The number 4 refers to the original four regions of this nation: (1)Luzon, (2)Visayas, (3)Mindanao, (4)Palawan, has been frequenting the Vatican.

In 1934, under Pope Pius XII, the Vatican negotiated with the member of the Filipino Royal Family, the Christian Tallano clan in Maharlika. An agreement was reached that 640,000 metric tons of the Tallano gold would be LENT to the Pope. This was part of that gold accumulated by the Southeast Asian Srivijayan/Madjapahit Empire during its glorious reign of 900 years
In 1939, two members of the Tallano family and Roman Catholic Priest , Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz (Jose Rizal – our Hero) brought the gold from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to the Vatican.

After doing this, Fr Diaz (Jose Rizal – our Hero) went back to the Maharlika and resided in Cabanatuan City.  Jose Rizal and the Tallano Family are linked with Queen Victoria that’s (Prince Tallano was a twin of Queen Victoria) why they are very rich watch this video… Queen Victoria is said to have a twin who was sent to Asia and lived in the Philippines. Watch this video… at 4:00 of the video.

Prince Tallano was the twin of Queen Victoria and is the father of Jose Rizal watch the video at 4:00 on the video. He (Rizal) set-up in 1944 the IMF & World Bank. Rizal (Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz) 14:00 in the video … with Marcos (their lawyer at the time) recovered the Gold from the Vatican and Prince Tallano (twin brother of the Queen Victoria) gave them both 30% as commission from the 640,000 metric tons of gold which was worth 192,000 metric tons of gold.

Wolfgang Struck at 39:45 minutes in the video… talking about Marcos and the Tallanos…(Twin of Queen Victoria)

East Asia Financial Crisis in the Philippines large bank in the Philippines was sold to Lucio Tan who was a barrower in default. 55:45 minutes of the Video Lucio Tan’s name was mentioned who was in default with the bank but was allowed to loan to own the bank I think its PNB.

Surprisingly our Hero Jose Rizal (Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz – he modified his name)  was the one who set-up the biggest banks IMF (International Monetary Fund and World Bank) and put the gold in a trust account to mature for 50 years which matured in 2005. 

After World War II , he facilitated the safe return of the 640,000 metric tons of GOLD from the Vatican to the Maharlika. Manuel Acuna Roxas (relative of the Acuna/ Tagean/ Tallano clan), then a congressman, and Bishop Enrique Sobrepena Sr, in the presence of Atty. Lorenzo Tanada, RECEIVED the gold in Manila.

There is good reason to believe, even from further along in this account, that the young attorney FERDINAND E. MARCOS was involved in the return of the GOLD. Certainly by all accounts we have seen jt was Ferdinand Marcos and Diaz who shared in the enormous 30% commission- that is 192,000 TONS of Gold worth around $4 TRILLION today (2006) – for handling this transaction.

A lease agreement was made between the Tallano clan and the Maharlika government. A total of 640,000 metric tons of gold was deposited in the newly installed Central Bankof the Maharlika to comply with its requirement for GOLD RESERVE. Under the terms of the contract, the Central Bank became the HOLDER of that gold. That LEASE agreement will EXPIRE in the year 2005.

The Tallano Foundation has given notice of the termination of this 50 year lease following the additional 5 year discretionary period on December 31,2005 but remains unable to obtain an inventory of this asset even though the CENTRAL BANK (now Bangko Sentral Pilipinas) is no longer entitled to HOLD the gold.
Having gained the trust and confidence of Fr. Diaz, the Tallano clan made him the main negotiator and trustee of their gold. Fr. Diaz in turn, hired the services of
ATTY. FERDINAND E MARCOS, then a RECOMMENDED BRILLIANT YOUNG LAWYER having attained notoriety when he successfully defended himself in the ” NALUNDASAN CASE” in 1939.
The TALLANO clan paid commission to Fr. Diaz and Atty. Marcos in gold, 30% From the principal of 640, 000 metric tons.

In 1949, the two richest men in the world were Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz and Atty. Ferdinand E. Marcos. Between the two of them they legitimately earned and owned 192,000 metric tons of GOLD- from TALLANO CLAN and Maharlika Government.

Ferdinand Marcos withdrew their share of the gold from theCentral Bank and minted it “RP-CB”. Sometime later, Fr. Diaz and Marcos brought their gold to SWITZERLAND, in the SWISS BANK CORPORATION in Zurich.
The remaining 400,000 metric tons of TALLANO GOLD – (Prince Lacan Acuna Macleod Tallano- son of Rajah Soliman Tagean and grandson of Maharajah Luisong Tagean) is in the third floor basement of the CENTRAL BANK MINTING PLANT in East Ave. Quezon City.

There are 950,000 metric tons of Gold (decleared missing in the International Court of Justice) picked up by Yamashita from its European ally, Hitler.

Let’s review some numbers at this point because there are certainly some unexplained LOSSES along the way.

The Tagean – Tallano gold started at 720,000 tons. 640,000 tons were transported to the Vatican and back, leaving 80,000 tons unaccounted from the outset.

Out of 640,000 tons, 192,000 tons were paid in commission, which should be leave 448,000 tons- but somehow hat number as become 400,000 tons, leaving another 48,000 tons unaccounted.

Following this story there are 128,000 (80,000 plus 48,000) tons of gold which somehow ” slipped through the cracks” in addition to 192,000 earned in commission, WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN.. Opppsss!!!

Out of the remaining 400,000 tons we do not know how much remains. We know there was an effort to do a major ” disappearing act” when the old Central Bank morphed into the new Bangko Sentral Pilipinas- but a recent decision of the SUPREME COURT (Banco Filipino versus BSP) has upheld that BSP is responsible for the liabilities of the old Central Bank.

The POINT is that ultimately , a complete accounting should show where ALL of the original 720, 000 tons WENT- not to mention estimated 1.2 MILLION tons of Yamashita treasure (combined German and Japanese plunder) identified above (that is very nearly TWO MILLION TONS OF GOLD worth more than $38 TRILLION at todays price 2006)

The phony, CIA backed EDSA “PEOPLE POWER” exhibition of 1986 had one primary purpose and that was to take this vast QUANTITY OF GOLD from the Philippines and the FILIPINO PEOPLE for the benefit of the INTERNATIONAL BANKING CARTEL to enslave mankind.


When Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz, died in 1974 all the 30% COMMISSION in gold became the legendary “MARCOS GOLD”. After providing for his family in Marcos Letter of Instruction, the whole wealth derived from this was supposed to be given to the FILIPINO PEOPLE. This was the “MARCOS WEALTH” that some POLITICIAN and CHURCHMEN kept on saying was the:

“ILL-GOTTEN” Marcos Wealth.

WHY THIS WEALTH HAS BEEN LABELED “ILL-GOTTEN” a little further along in our STUDY, that until today is in MARCOS SECRET ACCOUNTS.


In his GRAND PLAN, MARCOS wanted to RE-ESTABLISHED the former grandeur of MAHARLIKA and the whole region of SOUTHEAST ASIA, the former MALAYAN EMPIRE.


In June 1983, Marcos appeared before the First World leaders in Toronto. He announced his plan to boost economy of the Southeast Asia Region by creating ASIAN DOLLAR. This would be backed up by the 400,000 metric tons of gold inCentral Bank.

The ASIAN DOLLAR, backed up by the two thirds of all gold in the world that was in the Maharlika. Would made the Maharlika money more valuable and stronger that the American dollar. (The CIA – USA didn’t want this so what’s their next move? ) This was his vision to raise Southeast Asia to be par with the rest of the first world countries.

ABL of Marcos (Ang Bagong Lipunan – the Asian Dollar)

There is plenty of solid evidence of a program MARCOS worked on with American President Ronald Reagan, which referred to as the ABL (ANG BAGONG LIPUNAN) program. Under this program some 250 sets of gold , documentation and related ABLcurrency were to be shipped to various countries around the world.

To this day, the 400,000 metric tons of GOLD are still in theCENTRAL BANK in East Avenue , Quezon City. NOBODY CAN MOVE it because Marcos insured it with the LLOYDS OF LONDON and its agents are guarding it.


Not only have SUCCESSIVE GOVERNMENTS of the Philippines failed to ACKNOWLEDGE the existence of the GOLD, they have CONSPIRED to keep this information from being KNOWN to the Filipino People.

We assume this is because they have been working at ways to convert the GOLD for their own selfish gain, probably in conspiracy with the International Banking Cartel.

Immediately after Ferdinand Marcos was REMOVED from the office by a U.S MILITARY helicopter , the NEWLY installed PRESIDENT CORAZON AQUINO, formed the PCGG- Presidential Commission on Good Government, PURPORTEDLY to go after the Marcos – ILL GOTTEN WEALTH.

“IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE CONSPIRATORS THAT THIS WEALTH SHOULD BE LABELLED “ILL – GOTTEN” even though, as has already been shown, MR. MARCOS was in his OWN RIGHT the WEALTHIEST MAN on the face of the EARTH and had absolutely no need to take anything from anyone.

A decision of the FEDERAL SUPREME COURT OF SWITZERLAND dated December 21,1990 said, “By decision of May 29,1986 , the attorney general of District of Zurich accepted in principle to the legal assistance requested by the PHILIPPINES and invited all the banks of the City of Zurich to FREEZE IMMEDIATELY all the accounts, deposits or safes of the persons, companies or foundations (of MARCOS) in the order….”

THE ACCOUNTS WERE FROZEN at the request of the government of the Philippines and the PCGG has ensured they have remained FROZEN to this day.

This is all a GRAND SCHEME or SCAM. BLINDED Filipinos must keep repeating that MARCOS was a THEIF (MAGNANAKAW) so that those HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of DOLLARS of Marcos Money will remain FROZEN and not be given to them for their use.

Consequently, they MUST CONSTANTLY BORROW MONEY from International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) with SO MUCH INTEREST so that this COUNTRY WILL REMAIN A SLAVE and SHACKLED to the foreign powers.

HISTORY will show that the money was not stashed away and inaccessible but AVAILABLE to truly deserving Filipinos.

There was NOTHING SECRET about Marcos Accounts. These ACCOUNTS were ONLY MADE SECRET by some people in the government so that the PUBLIC would not know its REAL STORY.


During a talk show in U.S TV the week following the bombing of the New York Twin Towers, President BUSH was asked this question:

WHICH IS THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD TODAY? With a smile he said: THE PHILIPPINES, Marcos knew it, but he could not talk.

At the time they made sure that MARCOS would not longer talk. After kidnapping him from Malacanang, they put him in a golden prison in Hawaii.

This is an additional information regarding our Filipino Identity.  If you look at our history all you can find is about the Spanish occupation when in fact there was already the Maharlika Empire before the Spanish came or the Americans but this was hidden from us by the colonizers Spain… I was able to gather information from a British Pianist in the year 2012 where he was assigned in one of the biggest church in Spain and because he was there as a church worker he was able to discover the identity  of the Filipinos in the form of relics, native tools, clothes and pottery basically our whole identity before the Spaniards came to colonize our land for more than 330 years… that should be given back to us he said.  That will tell us all what we need to know as the real history of the Philippines and not the Spanish occupation. 


On top of this Tallano  Gold… is the Yamashita Treasure… more on this link below too…

Gold in the Philippine Islands

A more Crazier Story with Truth from a World Bank Whistle blower…

The Golden Nation (The richest on earth – Philippines)

Continuation:   A much more crazier story…


NOT sure about the truth on all this but storycapture8taken from:

 1 April, 2016.
Certain names have loomed large in history of the Philippines over the past 100 years. Without being unjust to those who made a meaningful contribution to the independence and autonomy of the Philippines, it can be fairly claimed that the names which have attracted the most public attention are those of Jose Rizal, Ferdinand Marcos, Tomoyuki Yamashita, and perhaps Don Estaban Benitez Tallano.Everyone has their own story to tell of the good work of Rizal in terms of his patriotic writing : of Ferdinand Marcos and Martial Law : of Tomoyuki Yamashita and ”his buried treasure” : and of course the Tallano Clan and their claim as true title-holders of the ORIGINAL Spanish Land Title known as OCT No. T-01-4. The writer of this article holds that those four names are universal conversation pieces in the Philippines, and few evenings pass that one or another is not mentioned in conversation with friends and associates. One would imagine that with such names being universal conversation pieces, that nothing in their life has been spared intense scrutiny, and that there is nothing yet to be revealed about their respective lives.If there is nothing yet to be revealed about their lives, then please explain, among other mysteries, (a) Where one would find the grave of Rizal ? and (b) Why are there no Japanese visitors to the Shrine for Tomoyuki Yamashita ? In following pages we try to re-visit published history, with a view to bringing a clear understanding of the role that each played in the mysterious forces which acted to promote the Philippines we know today. Of course we shall need a starting point, and because it bears relevance to what we investigate, we choose as our starting point,

The birth of QueenVictoria of E ngland, on 24 May, 1819. Now the published story of Queen Victoria’s birth at Kensington Palace was not entirely accurate, even though she did reach Kensington Palace on the same day as her birth. In fact, she arrived in this life somewhat earlier than expected, while her mother, Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld was aboard a Dutch ship in the English channel, near Dover, as she sped to meet up with her husband at Kensington Palace for the expected birth.

That variation between published fact and reality was simply to preserve the concept of ”born on English soil” on behalf of a woman destined to become the future Queen of England.

A-100-030-Q-001. Page 2
Again, what is not published, but is widely known within the ”establishment” of England, is that Queen Victoria was one of twins, and had a brother. That boy was, in all probability, autistic, a condition little understood at the material time, and the Courtiers decided that he was unsuitable to be raised in precincts of the Court, and while every facility possible was placed at his
disposal, he was kept separated from the Court, and educated privately. Badge of the North Borneo Company.Note the Lion of Scotland and the name McLeodIn his late twenties, the young man, brother of the Queen, moved to Borneo, then known as the Dutch East Indies, and became entranced with the life, adventure and business opportunity offered by that country. In conjunction with Baron von Overbeck, he formed and became Chairman of the North Borneo Company, which engaged in
exploitation of the natural resources of that country.

His name ? He was known as Prince Julian McLeod Tallano.Being of princely bearing, well educated and clearly wealthy, he was introduced to a number of eligible women, and eventually became enarmored of, and married, the Princess Tahata. Mark now that North Borneo was Muslim territory, and in taking his Muslim wife, Prince Julian McLeod Tallano converted to the Islamic faith, thus fusing the religious affiliations of both his motherland and Borneo, as he was a Prince of the royal blood. Likewise, that marriage interwove the fortunes of the two distinct ”Clans” of differing faiths.
Tallano as a Muslim, acquired seven wives, but still maintained the libertine pursuits of his early life. His pursuit of another Princess, and their liaison, beyond marriage, produced a male child. With connivance of the Catholic

Church, a means was found to provide for welfare of the child. Today one hears many stories of the orphan found in a basket outside the home of the Mercado family in Calamba, Laguna Province, about 50 kilometers south of Manila.The boy was raised by the Mercado family, and given the name Jose Protacio Mercado. The child grew, and proved to be extremely intelligent. He was incredibly active, and wanted to be the best at all he undertook. He referred to himself as Rex-Al (the King of all), which name soon became adapted to Rizal, and so we have Jose Protacio Rizal.
The child had been well provided for in terms of money, and while it was unusual for the times, he went to Madrid to study, since he was proficient in the Spanish language.

 Spain caused him to reflect on the number of blind persons in the population,and he determined to become a doctor with specialty in the eyes. He chose to study under a particular professor, and went to Paris to join the classes of that professor, but found that the professor had moved to a University in Heidelburg, Germany.
A-100-030-Q-001. Page 3
He followed to Germany, mastered the German language, and eventually took his medical degree in 1886. As a doctor, he now sought patients. There was resistance to eye surgery, because few chose to allow anyone to operate on their eyes, but one young
student at Heidelburg University was desperate to have her eyes corrected, and so that student, Josefine von Bracken, became the first patient of Jose Rizal.
The operation was a success, and Josephine Bracken very quickly introduced her uncle, the King of Prussia, Wilhelm 1, favourite grandson of Queen Victora, then German Emperor, at Potsdam, near Berlin, who had similar eye problems. Again the operation was a success, and the fame of Jose Rizal as an opthalmologist was assured. The Emperor of Germany, grateful for the work of Rizal, dedicated the Asian Tea-house in his honour, which tea-house is now a popular tourist attraction in the Castle of Sanssoucci. The Emperor further recommended Rizal to his relative, the Emperor of Austria,
Rizal arrived in Austria in 1887, and was introduced to a Jesuit priest, Father Ferdinand Blumentritt, who had recently arrived from the Philippines, where he conducted a Jesuit school on the Island of Cebu. Since it was considered that the Emperor may take some time to consent to the intended operation, Father Blumentritt invited Rizal to stay in his apartment. In a near apartment was a young lady, Klara Poelzl, who was a staff member of the Emperor’s household. A liasion between Jose Rizal and Klara Poelzl (who was the wife of Alois Schicklegruber), produced a male child, later named Adolf.
The husband, Alois Schickelgruber, suspected that another man was responsible for the pregnancy of his wife, and he severely mis-treated the child. Blumentritt decided that to avoid further mistreatment of the child, he should  take the boy to Cebu, and the mother readily agreed, because she knew that Rizal would be there. And so Adolf Schickelgruber, as the boy had been named, came to the island of Cebu in the Philippines, where he was raised and educated. Yes, it is the same AdolfShickelgruber who achieved infamy as Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was the son of Jose Rizal, via Klara Poelzl.
If you ever have the opportunity to visit the library at
Malacanang, note as you enter, the huge portrait of Jose Rizal.
Then turn 180 degrees to see a smaller portrait of Adolf Hitler
staring across the room at his father. It goes without saying that
those who plotted the financial strategies in Malacanang were
comfortably aware of the relationship between Rizal and Hitler,
and the portraits are testimony to their arcane knowledge.
A-100-030-Q-001. Page 4
With his fame spreading, Rizal went to Japan to perform an operation on the eyes of the Emperor, and once again, a daliance with a Japanese noblewoman, the Princess Keiko, produced a male child.
The Tenno himself wrote to Rizal and warranted that he would educate the boy in the very best schools, and so the second son of Jose Rizal would attend the finest colleges in England, and ultimately become the highest ranking General in the Imperial Japanese Army, General Tomoyuki Yamashita. Meanwhile, the first son of Rizal was at the Jesuit school in Cebu, and saw his father only at those fleeting times that he was able to make a visit.
It is considered that the reported situation of Rizal’s exile in Dapitan, being sentenced to death, and executed by firing squad in Bayumbayan, (now Rizal Park, Manila), is indeed extraordinary, highly improbable, questionable, and in view of the value of his surgical prowess, beyond reason. How could a man, known as an idol and hero to Philippinos, friend of Kings and Emperors, highly intelligent and speaking twelve languages, be ordered killed by the much hated Friars, and shot by twenty-one Guardia Civil, his countrymen, in Manila in 1896 ?
If we look back one hundred years to that incident,we should also look to the famous ”Battle of Manila Bay”, beautifully painted, and depicted in many written words and monuments, but which
never took place. The Spanish ships had  surrendered before the cannons of the American ships were unleashed to fire in the air. It is reported that one American died in his cabin of a  heart-attack.
In that context, we pose again a question mentioned in opening paragraphs of this essay :-
Please point out the location of the grave of Jose Rizal ?
History records that the Americans who WON the war, paid U.S. Twenty million to the Spanish LOSERS of the war. Quite apart from being a lot of money at the time, it would have to be the first and ONLY time in history that the winners paid a bounty to the losers of the war.
To set the record straight, the Americans are CLAIMED to have paid the sum of U.S. Twenty million to the Spanish, but it can be shown that the sum of Twenty million dollars was subscribed by the ”magnificent seven” through a mortgage loan from Banco Espanol-Filipino in Binondo.
Observe Annotation 072 s-2-6 1898 on the OCT No. T-01-4, which reads : ”Quote” Secured by this title OCT No. T-01-4 Hacienda Mabiga embracing the Province of Pampanga, Kuliat, the whole of Bamban abd Capaz, Tarlac has mortgage to the Banco Espanol-Filipino the sum of U.S. dollars 20,000,000 to undertake the payment of succession treaty between Spain and America for the ceding of the archipelago by the Spanish Government to the
A-100-030-Q-001. Page 5
American government be eventually reverted to the real land owner, Don Esteban Benitez Tallano. Date of Inscription : February 7, 1898. (Signed) Fermin Jaudenes Y Alvarez AD, Interim Governor General, Royal Crown of Spain. ”End Quote”. That loan by Banco Espanol-Filipino was repaid within one year, and a further annotation to the OCT No. T-01-4 demonstrated the means by which the money was assembled. ”Quote”.
Entry No. EDC 073-s-2-6 1898, Real Estate Mortgage amountng to US dollar 20,000,000 secured by this land Title T-01-04, embracing the area of Hacienda Mabiga, Pampanga, Kuliat and Capaz, Tarlac to Banco Espanol- Filipino has been cancelled, and this released forever of Real Estate Mortgage has been executed by the bank in favour of the owner wth the full payment of said principal loan and an interest of US dollars 2,200,000, the payment of which has broken as follows : General Miguel Malvar correspondingly acquired the area of Tanuan, Batangas and had paid the amount of U.S. dollars 3,300,000, Don Servillano Aquino acquired he whole
area of Bamban and Capaz, Tarlac, and correspondingly paid U.S. dollars
3,300,000. General Antonio Luna acquired the whole San Miguel, Tarlac and
La Paz, Tarlac and he paid U.S. dollars 2,000,000, the land was given as a
gift to his girlfriend Miss Luisita Cojuangco. Don Mariano Tayag acquired
the area of Kuliat and Mabiga, 1,500 hectares (Pampanga) and paid U.S.
dollars 3,300,000. Don Francisco Macabulos acquired the area of Sta
Ignacia, Tarlac and paid U.S. dollars 2,400,000. Don Juan Ejercito acquired
absolutely the San Juan Del Monte Hacienda embracing up to Sitio
Mandaluyong consisting an area of 3,154 hectares and had corespondingly
paid U.S. dollars 3,300,000., and Don Esteban Benitez Tallano (Tagean)
maintained his rights, being the owner over the unacquired estate, and had
paid the balance of 6,600,000 U.S. dollars. Date of Inscription February 7,
1898. (Signed) Benito Legarda, Ad Interim Land Registrar. ”End Quote”.
In short, historical records demonstrate conclusively that succession from the
Spanish was purchased by Don Esteban Benitez Tallano (Tagean), and clearly
that arrangement had been reached several months prior to the I may, 1898
purported date for the ”Battle of Manila Bay”. The only conclusion that can be
reached in the light of such evidence, is that any ”Battle of Manila Bay” was a
staged performance as opposed to an act of war or aggression.
In that same context, we can conclude that the purported
execution of Rizal was an equivalent pantomine, and
history would repeat itself 48 years later, with the purported
execution at Los Banos, Laguna, of General Tomoyuki
NO Japanese national will ever accept that General
Yamashita surrendered to the Americans. A Japanese
General of the highest order, and with connection to the
Royal Household, will NEVER surrender. Such a general is
bound by the code of honour of his calling, and MUST
commit harakiri, the ritual suicide signifying failure.
A-100-030-Q-001. Page 6
Thus, whoever is buried at Muntinlupa, south of Manila, that body is NOT the body of General Yamashita. We do not speculate on the escape, whereabouts or post-war activities of General Yamashita, but our hypothesis that he was not the victim of the gallows designed to despatch him, is reinforced by the fact that NO Japanese national pays homage at the Shrine to General Yamashita, for the very good reason that every Japanese national KNOWS that his surrender was impossible, and that some undefined politically inspired pantomine has played havoc in obscuring the true course of events.
There are rumours that during his time at the English
universities, that Yamashita became the lover of lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons, a beautiful debutante, which liasion continued after her marriage to Albert, the then Duke of York. As the fates ordained, Albert, a sickly man, who never expected to become King, was thrust into that position as King George VI, when his elder brother Edward VIII abdicated the throne in order to wed his paramour, the twice divorced Mrs. Wallace Simpson. The remarkable aspect of the affair between Yamashita and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons, if it has substance, is that the present Queen Elizabeth II could well be a daughter of General Yamashita, and therefore, a grand-daughter of Jose Antonio Rizal..
So let us now summarise what we have constructed from a more pragmatic view of the stated history of the Philippines, at least in terms of reviewing impact on what has been referred to as ”The hidden wealth of Marcos”.• Prince Julian McLeod Tallano (brother of Queen Victoria) is the father of the man later known as Jose Rizal.
• Jose Rizal is the father of two further important figures in world history,
with those figures being the German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, and the
Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita.
• The death of Rizal by firing squad is disclosed as a well orchestratedpantomine, equally as the Battle of Manila, and post that pseudo firingsquad event, Jose Rizal became the Reverend Father Jose AntonioDiaz.• As the son of Prince Julian McLeod Tallano, Rizal (now as Rev. Father.Jose Antonio Diaz), was entrusted wth the relocation and management
of the massive wealth of the Tallano Clan, and perhaps the fused assets
of his British relatives..
• Thus the movement of 600,000 metric tonnes of gold from the Vatican to
Manila to facilitate establishment of the first Central Bank of the
Philippines. (Recall that the Tallano Clan were the principal land-owners
of the Philippines, as evidenced by the ORIGINAL land title OCT No. T-
A-100-030-Q-001. Page 7
• The Rev. Fr., Jose Antonio Diaz recognised the brilliance of FerdinandMarcos, and appointed him as counsel to all activities of Diaz relative tostorage, safe-keeping and employment of the wealth of his father’s Clan,that of the Clan Tallano.

• It is well known that Hitler had sent his treasure ships of looted gold andvaluables to Egypt for safe storage, but when Field Marshall Montgomerydefeated Field Marshall Irwin von Rommel in the North Africa campaign,he had no option other than to redirect those ships toward Japan, his lastremaining ally.

• Fate again intervened, when the United States dropped atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, thus hastening the Japanesesurrrender, and causing Hitler to redirect his treasure ships to thePhilippines.

• With the end of World War II, and recognition that the Japanese underPrince Chichibu had stored massive looted wealth in the Philippines,Rizal, in his role as Rev. Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz, had little difficulty in identifying valuable burial sites, as he could elicit information directly from his son, General Tomoyuki Yamashita.

• Equally, he would have sound information from his first born son, AdolfHitler, as to location of the Nazi loot. (Hitler did not commit suicide in theBerlin bunker as popularly accepted, but left Templehof Airport in Berlinvia a 109 Messerschmitt, and flown to neutral Spain, where he cameunder protection of General Franco. Later, he returned to the Cebu of hisyouth, and ended his life in the Philippines).

• Thus, the recovery from several sites which yielded massive quantities of gold bullion, precious stones and other valuables.
• The recovered valuables were of course under embargo due to the
Statute of Limitations, but Marcos, with Presidential powers and
authorities, was able to influence world banks and significant authoritiesto aid and abet him in ”placing” those assets so that the inherent valuewas preserved in favour of those agreed by Marcos and Diaz to be theultimate beneficiaries. Does all of the above sound a little too far-fetched to attract ready acceptance
as probable ? Does it defy acceptance ? Then let us examine a few aspects and compare those aspects with the historical record.

• If there was no subterfuge in the ”Battle of Manila Bay”, then why was the considerable sum of U.S. Twenty million paid by the victor to the loser of that supposed ”war” ?

• While the Americans took credit in the Treaty of Paris for settling the sum of U.S. Twenty million in favour of the Spanish, we have demonstrated via notations on Land Deeds that the money was actually paid by Philippine land-owners.

A-100-030-Q-001. Page 8
• Let us now look to a document of the Philippine Courts, where we referto the Pasay City DECISION WITH COMPROMISE AGREEMENT, dated 4 February, 1972. There is mention, at page 20, of the last surviving son of Prince Julian McLeod Tallano in the person of Jose Antonio Diaz. That name Jose Antonio Diaz is again quoted at the bottom of page 18 : ”Quote”

3. ”That the gold bullion lent by the Royal Family to the Republic of the Philippines, consisting of 650,000 metric tonnes now, through Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz by arrangement of the brilliant lawyer Attorney Ferdinand E. Marcos in the year 1949, for the establishment of the required gold reserves of the newly installed Central Bank of the Philippines, should be maintained in the Central Bank vaults toward maintenance of the country’s gold reerves, and the same shall be withdrawable fifty years thereafter, with five years moratorium”.

Further at page 21 :
That the said 640,000 metric tonnes of gold nuggets transported by
then surviving son of Prince Julian McLeod Tallano from the Vatican after the World War, in the person of Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz, trustee of the Royal Family, and client of then Attorney Ferdinand E. Marcos deserves a just compensation for no less than 30 % of the total value of the said 640,000 metric tonnes. ”End Quote”.

The above LRC Civil Case 3957-R is final and executory, the law of the land, and unfortunately, under temporary injunction following an urgent motion for Annulment of Judgment filed by the former Solicitor General Simeon Marcelo, in July, 2002, at instruction of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. (Case CA-GR SP No. 70014, based on ”alleged nullity of proceedings”.) Could it be that the intention of the oligarchs is permanent injunction, so that the gold can either be stolen, or diverted to a purpose never intended by those who provided the means for the Philippines to establish its own Central Bank ?

Certainly there is no apparent justice for the true owners of the gold, and one might well ask – Why does the Administration wait thirty years to bring a case for ”nullity of proceedings”, when the matter was resolved by the Courts, and made final and executory on 4 February, 1972 ?

Repeating – Why would an Administration wait thirty years to challenge a matter which was judicially determined, and enforceable at law ? Has corruption so permanently entered the mainstream of government that they seek to change history to cover both misfeasance and malfeasance during their tenure ? Only time will tell, but it is clear that the Court has not been expedient in dealing with the case filed in July, 2002, and so it could be a strategy to allow the matter to lay undecided for an indefinite period, and perhaps beyond the life span of legitimate claimants.

A-100-030-Q-001. Page 9
The unaswered question is – WHY ?

One is reminded of the American humorist MARK TWAIN, who in 1866
said :-
liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in
session. Or perhaps even of PERICLES, who, in 430 BC said :-
Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean
politics won’t take an interest in you.

So, now that we have made a brief journey through historical events which shaped the nation known as the Republic of the Philippines, we can reflect on what we have learned, and endeavour to speculate as to what motivated President Marcos and Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz to join forces in accumulating and placing massive wealth.

• The writer believes it is fair to state that President Marcos had a
consuming passion to make the Philippines the most stable and
progressive state in the Asian community.

• As a lawyer, Senator and later President, it can be accepted that he was perfectly familiar with the land title claim of the Tallano Clan, and equally well aware of the massive gold deposit made by that Clan to establish the first Central Bank of the Philippines.

• His initial meeting with Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz must have been a revelation, because his legal brain would rapidly recognise that he was in presence of a man who represented wealth, royalty, power and influence, and just as quickly, he recognised the outgrowth of that relationship in terms of his longer term vision for the Philippines.

• It is no secret that President Marcos and Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz enjoyed a harmonious relationship lasting many years, and that they actively cooperated in multiple financial adventures designed to achieve each of their individual objectives.

• Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz enjoyed a unique distinction in terms of the purposes of Marcos in placing and securing valuable assets, in that he was a ”persona ecclesiae”, a parson, where the assets at his disposal were nominally those of the church, and thus Diaz held patrimony of those assets in his own name, essentially as a ”corporation sole”.

• President Marcos obviously designed the legal strategies which
encompassed and preserved the wealth, while Rev. Fr. Jose Antonio
Diaz provided the wealth and high-level connection necessary to
successfully domicile that wealth as instructed by President Marcos.

• In one unique area, Rev. Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz could identify wealth concealed by the Japanese and German forces, and the legal strategiesof President Marcos could provide the domicile and protection for that

A-100-030-Q-001. Page 10
recovered wealth, and so such recoveries became the centre-piece of their financial engagements.

• It was no easy task. Any recovery from a burial site would contain asset subject of the Statute of Limitations, and if fully disclosed would attract multiple claimants. Marcos played his role masterfully by dealing astutely with the financial ”hyenas” who habitually prey upon such assets, and several arrangements with the Pentagon, United Nations, International Monetary Fund and other august bodies preserved the assets through permitting their use by the scavengers, but retaining title to the involved principal.

• Deposits with banks were largely made under ”bailment” conditions, thus assuring their security until such time as the Statute of Limitations

• The ultimate beneficiary was kept concealed via use of a coded
identification, TVM-LSM-666, and all critical documents referred to the beneficiary exclusively under that code-name.

• Finally the assignments were made, wherein the beneficiary was fully identified by name. Originals of such assignments were handed exclusively to the chosen beneficiary, with copy to the concerned holding institution, to thus assure a trouble-free assumption of the accounts bythe beneficiary at maturity.

• That beneficiary has been identified. Significantly, the beneficiary is again a ”persona ecclesiae”, and thus the multiple assignments can be activated by that beneficiary in accord with the confidential ”Letter of Instruction” executed by Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz, and in the event of death or incapacity of that beneficiary, may equally be passaged to the next intended beneficiary under like conditions. Now the question might well be asked :–

• ”What exactly was the origin of the purported 600,000 metric tonnes of gold bullion subscribed by the Clan Tallano to support establishment of the Central Bank of the Philippines ?”

• ”Was it Vatican Gold ?”

• ”Could Tallano have acquired such a massive store of wealth as a result of a successful business career in the Dutch East Indies ?”

The question is easily answered if one has followed the ebb and flow of power and influence on the global financial scene over the past one hundred years. In the first instance, Prince Julian McLeod Tallano controlled not only his own fortune and business income, but had an interest in the fortune of his British family, and acquired the wealth of his wife the Princess Tahata upon marriage.

A-100-030-Q-001. Page 11
And the wealth of his British family ? Fabulous. The Kings and Queens of England were drawn largely from the German nobility, and they, through land ownership via conquest, had amassed major fortunes, the majority of which was in gold. Moreover, in the immediate post World War II aftermath, those Kings and Queens were well aware of the chilly winds of Republicanism blowing through their domains, and having lost both land and fortunes to the fates of war, had turned to the church as depository of their remaining wealth in order to gain the patronage of that august influence. The prevailing thought was, where safer to park your fortune than with the richest influence on earth, and therefore trustworthy and beyond venality ?

They neglected to consider that the Rothschild banking family had taken control of the Vatican finances in 1863, and that while they were nominally protected by the ”Vatican”, their wealth was at disposal of the Rothschild family of bankers. England, least feared the winds of Republicanism due to an arrangement
struck with the government when Britain became bankrupt following a major Sovereign Debt Default, which involved the
then Monarch paying all of the debts of the country, and assigning certain lands to the country in exchange for permanent
recognition of the existing Monarchy, plus a stipend to perform that role, and had, with connivance of the church, formed that one
square mile of land now known as the ”City of London” to handle the financial affairs of the ”crown”.

In that same context, it must be noted that Britain is owned ”lock, stock and barrel” by the Vatican due to breach of Treaty considerations surrounding Magna Carta. The Queen, although the nominal head of the Church of England, is instructed directly by the Roman Pontiff. That condition has been ”in place”
since Magna Carta, and will remain whilever the prevailing Treaties remain in existence.

So, if Prince Julian McLeod Tallan had proposed to his British relatives that 600,000 metric tonnes of gold should be loaned for purpose of funding a new Central Bank in the Philippines, who would object ?

• The City of London, with its close ties to the Bank of England had long recognised that a Central Bank was a prolific revenue earner, based upon the issue of credits as opposed to assignment of existing specie.

• The Rothschilds banking fraternity, as controllers of the Vatican wealth would have no objection, as such a situation favoured their possible later acquisition of the new Central Bank as an extension of their grip on the existing Bank of England, and longer term plan to amalgamate the Central Banks of the world..

A-100-030-Q-001. Page 12

• The Vatican itself would not object, since the gold was destined for use of a dominently Catholic community. Voila ! Prince Julian McLeod Tallano would clearly have little difficulty in raising the requisite 600,000 metric tonnes of gold, even if he did not have access to that volume from his personal resources, or Muslim family affiliations. In all truth, there were even more powerful under-currents at work long before the period in which Prince Julian McLeod Tallano assembled the 600,000 metric tonnes of gold. The centuries old fight for supremacy and world hegemony between the British and Spanish crowns was in full force and effect, and there were religious interests seeking to extend their influence in the form of Islam approaching from the south, and the Catholic Church, as motivator of Spain obliged them to approach the Philippines with a Bible in one hand, and a sword in the other.

The British proved to be diplomatically superior in their efforts, as evidenced by production of the Decree known as the 01-4 Protocol.
In 1764, the Royal Crown of England, Great Britain, decided case No. 571 in the Escribania de Cabildo and ordered the creation of the Hacienda of the Philippine Islands pursuant to the Decree of 01-4 Protocol, by virtue of the Supreme Order of the Royal Crown of England embracing four major islands

Consisting of 169,972,500 hectares of plains, mountains, forests, and seas, specifically the island of Luzon 31,804,624 hectares, the islands of Palawan 3,652,875 hectares, Visayan Islands 45,996,215 hectares, and Mindanao with 83,518,786 hectares more or less. “Witness His Highness King George III of the Royal Crown of England, January 17, 1764, issued at Manila at 10.45 a.m.
attested by Governor General Downsone Drake, British Governor, P.I., signed Governor Jose Raon, Office of the Escribania de Cabildo, Proprietary Governor.”

Clever was it not ? The land mass became the property of the Tallano Clan, and when the Treaty of Paris was executed in 1898, the victor was obliged to recognise the Tallano Clan as true title holders to the land mass of the Philippines. The British had protected their interests in South-East Asia in a daring move which had assigned the land to ”one of their own”, the family of Prince Julian McLeod Tallano, brother of Queen Victoria, thus defeating all efforts of the Spanish to retain possession of the archipelago. And so we can repeat that Prince Julian McLeod Tallano would have experienced no difficulty whatever in assembling the 600,000 metric tonnes of gold, because it all stayed ”in the family”. It would be a valid assumption to suggest that Britain held the dominant position from date of issue of the Decree of 01-4 protocol. The Spanish were in possession of the Philippine Islands but lost their colonial powers to the USA.

The Spanish tried to maintain a foot-hold with their invalid “Titulo de Propriedad” in the name of Hermogenes Rodriguez, and with many Spanish land titles coming from “Friars land” as if the Friars were the original owners of land in the Philippines.

A-100-030-Q-001. Page 13
The Friars were not, and never were, original land owners. The owners of the land are indisputably the Royal Family of the Philippines, the Tallano-Tagean Clan, originally in the name of Prince Lacan Acuna Tallano (Tagean). In order to appreciate the intrinsic value of gold at the time of deposit to Central Bank of the Philippines, it must be recalled that gold was then regularly traded
at between 27 and 30 dollars per troy ounce, and NOT the one thousand dollars plus figure we note today. Even allowing a then price of USD 1,000,000 per metric tonne, the value of the deposit at date of completion would have been in the order of USD Six hundred billion. Today of course, that value is in excess of Thirty trillion dollars, but the loan was a bailment which established the credit-worthiness of the new Central Bank, and so the appreciated value is of no concern, because the contract calls simply for return of the original deposit as gold, plus agreed interest.

The key question is – Will it ever happen ? Note the words of Albert Einstein : ”The world is a dangerous place to live ; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”. The currently undecided Case CA-GR SP No. 70014, based on ”alleged nullity of proceedings”, lays on the Court table, unheard, at eight years after its filingin 2002.

The intention of the oligarchs is unclear, but it is certainly unprecedented for an administration to challenge the law of the land by seeking to overturn a ruling which became executory some thirty years prior to challenge. We should not leave this essay without some further explanation of the activities and role of
Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz / Jose Rizal in the momentous events which have so markedly impacted Philippine history.
It can be shown that the Reverend Father was not a passive participant in the looting and reallocation of the gold and treasure of Europe and Asia, but took an active role in its movement
and processing. His academic achievements are well documented in multiple publications, but here we are far more interested in his activities relative to looted treasure.Little is officially known or recorded about a certain Jose Antonio Diaz de la Paz who became Papal Nuncio and was invited to be the new Pope in February 1922. He declined. He had more important things to do. He was chosen by the Royal Families to be the trustee for all the gold left by the Royal Families (they had entrusted him already with their eyes, and so they could as readily entrust him their gold) which was now lying secretly in the Vatican’s

A-100-030-Q-001. Page 14
caverns in Benevento, Italy. Jose Antonio Diaz (formerly Jose P. Rizal) decided he would bring all the gold to the Philippines. Nobody would look for it there. It did not last long. There seemed to be a build-up for another war. The former owners of the gold got nervous, Pope Pius XI got old. All the while Hitler’s SS silently and secretly ransacked the far-away bonded warehouses of the British banks and brought the gold (more often than not in submarines) to Singapore where it was delivered and handed over in brief ceremonies to the Japanese Imperial Army under Hitler’s half-brother Tomiyuki Yamashita.

The submarines headed back, so that nobody would discover the subterfuge. Jose Antonio Diaz shipped the 650,000 metric tonnes back to the Vatican, with the quip -. “If that is what you want !” Note : 10 years later Pope Pius XII asked him to bring it
back to Manila (see Agana Decision)

There were no telecommunications in the form we understand today but we can imagine that Jose Antonio Diaz (or Jose P. Rizal), Adolf Hitler, and Tomoyuki Yamashita knew what they were doing.
They were the original axis powers established during the Berlin Olympics (where Japan’s Emperor Hirohito visited Hitler), formalised with Italy in the 1940 Tripartite Pact. They did the planning and they plundered the gold, Hitler in the West, Japanese forces in the East. They came together and met in Singapore, which was then officially a British crown colony, and had the smelting of the gold done by the expert German company, DEGUSSA. From there, the gold was brought to the Philippines to be buried under supervision of Prince Chichibu, and to become known as the
infamous “Yamashita treasure”.

We are talking of a time prior to the start of WWII, generally accepted as being
September 1, 1939 when Hitler ordered his generals to take Poland in one day.
We could argue that the start of WWII was much earlier, perhaps in 1937 when
the Imperial Japanese Army raided and took China, killing more than 300,000
Chinese during one day in Nanking. That was 6 years after Japan had started
the military invasion of China in order to capture the Manchuria Province in
China’s North which had all the natural resources that Japan so importantly
needed in order to support a war effort. It was also in 1931 that Japan started
to invade, albeit silently, the Philippines. Mostly civil engineers in disguise, the
Japanese started to build a wide array of tunnels and caves. Thus indicating
that they prepared well ahead for the burial of the gold that would come from
Europe and China.
The gold that Hitler and his Japanese allies stole from the
richest of the rich on both sides, from those who had
money enough to buy gold, stash it away in secret bank
vaults, so that they would not have to pay tax, was listed,
immediately following the war, in the International Court of
Justice (World Court) in The Hague, Holland. The total of
the missing gold was 946,000 metric tonnes, and it is still missing.
The World Court had ruled that all gold found from buried treasure in the
Philippines would, legally, belong to the Original Claimants of WWII Loot.

A-100-030-Q-001. Page 15
Until today there has not been a single claimant. The claims are listed per country (there are 13 countries claiming), no names of persons or families are tendered. The Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury, The International Bank for Settlement, The International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank, are patently aware of the location of the gold, and to them it is the same as if the gold was stashed secretly in America.

So, Jose Protacio Rizal / Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz de la Paz was an active participant in concealment and masking of the stolen treasures of World War II. Yes he was a patriot. Yes he was an accomplished and sophisticated person. Yes, he was a friend of royalty across a broad spectrum, and to the end he served the Philippines, as his Letter of Instruction which details what is to be done with the accumulated wealth, demands that its primary objective be specific projects for betterment of the Philippines. Whether subscribing to the accuracy of published history, or influenced by the revelations of this essay, it must be admitted that Jose Rizal was first and foremost a patriot, even if his modus operandi was unorthodox in the extreme.
Perhaps we should silently hope that his vision is realised, along with that of President Marcos, his accomplice in the world’s most incredible seizure and conversion of stolen wealth. The Philippines cries out for administrative reform. It has a poverty index equavalent to sub- Sahara Africa, and Land Reform, which
should be a keystone in correcting that situation is totally ignored by all administrations.

Hernando de Soto in his master-piece ”The Mystery of Capital” provided a profound study of the Land Laws of the Philippines, and
demonstrated conclusively that Land Reform was the key element in the elimination of poverty and awakening of the entrepreneural spirit that is the backbone of every great nation.

• Perhaps such reform is frustrated by considerations surrounding the Land Title OCT No. T 01-4, but the present representatives of the Tallano Clan are not ogres, and genuinely subscribe to the suggestion that Land Reform is critical, and they will cooperate in a meaningful way to assist such reform.

• In terms of infrastructure, the beneficiary known by the Code TVM-LSM- 666 is equally enthusiastic to share the vision of President Marcos and Rev. Fr. Diaz to assure that the Philippines becomes the most stable and progressive state in the Asian community.

A-100-030-Q-001. Page 16
• The individual entrepreneurmanship of the Philippine national is
evidenced by an underground economy which has been suggested as larger than the published figures of gvernment. Ergo, the three critical elements for reform in all aspects of empowerment of the Philippines are present, in way, means and will. What then will be the catalyst which fuses those critical elements into a national upwelling of interest to generate a Philippines of promise ?

If one were to provide a definition of government, we can suggest that such a definition would be :-

”To provide and maintain an environment in which its people may live peacefully and prosper”. If we can accept that definition, perhaps we are obliged to look to the administration as the catalyst which fuses the way, means and will. Let them lead, and the people will follow in devout appreciation of the opportunity to assume control of their own lives. Tax revenues will increase, harmony will reign within the population, and all will be well with the world.

Where is the leader who will recognise the available tools, then grasp the initiative, and lead the Philippines toward the destiny so long planned, and so painfully delayed, by forces concerned more with their own welfare than welfare of the country they were elected to manage with perception and integrity ?

Interesting Modern Day Treasure Part of Yamashita’s





Synth Evolution

Untitled Infographic (1)From Transistors to Computers so as the Synth Evolution continues…

The observation made in 1965 by Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits had doubled every year since the integrated circuit was invented. Moore predicted that this trend would continue for the foreseeable future. In subsequent years, the pace slowed down a bit, but data density has doubled approximately every 18 months, and this is the current definition of Moore’s Law, which Moore himself has blessed. Most experts, including Moore himself, expect Moore’s Law to hold for at least another two decades.

Well, Moore’s Law has been beaten… look at how hard drives evolved? how about HD television?  and even computers…

The synth evolution started with Valve Synths… to the Moog years… Valves were replaced by transistors and multiple transistors created logic gates… multiple logic gates created circuits… and integrated circuits then were used in synths and computers as well as gadgets of today.  Hardware synths were re-created in software form today.

Edgehill University PGCE in Computing here I come

2015-2016 SKE

2015-2016 SKE

It’s been a while since I have posted something here as an update for this blog…

Anyway, things have been great and I’m back to University doing a PGCE in Computing with Edgehill University, Ormskirk.  I manage to secure a Teacher Training Scholarship from the British Computer Society/NCTL full-time and maxed out.  Coming from Salford University School of Computing, Science, Engineering and Acoustics the passion in learning still is alive in me.  I love teaching as well and a combination of experience and training in Audio Engineering, Video Engineering, & Web Content Creation as well as Business Development and Management wow what a journey I’m having through all these years.  Of course, the notes and rests as well as chords and lyrics will always be there with me as well as the live performances as a musician, singer and songwriter.  It’s a busy life…

Thanks again to all my friends and classmates as well as colleagues and the people who have been part of my life.  Hey !  I’m educating myself again at Edgehill University… I just love it !!!


Found this online and thought this would be a great read and information specially to all Filipinos… we own this and we should benefit from this and not other countries… politicians and Unsang Heroes living abroad should benefit from this find…

Mareya, Mareya!

Mareya, Mareya!.

Very pleased and surprised with my name appearing on this film.  So, when can we have a sneak preview of such?  well have to wait and see… there should be a link somewhere when it’s finished.

Nice One.

“MAREYA, MAREYA!” is a short film about a campus figure who basks on her popularity. Mareya maximizes her overbearing presence to captivate people’s attention and uses her wily lips to manipulate others. Oozing with vulgar confidence, she turns the people around her off-guard. As she sends off mixed signals, the people around her become confused and annoyed. Mareya goes through tight situations where her integrity is questioned and her image is shattered.

MAREYA- Pet James Cariño
CHUKKA- Cesar Loyd Estorque
EMERALD- John Ray Dumalag
PROFESSOR- Ludwig Gamad, MA
DR. MARNIBES- Dr. Marnie Besas
DEAN EUMARIS- Eumaris MIlitante
MARY ANN- Mary Ann Russel
SHERYL- Sheryl Tabunal
MELODY- Melody Ponan
TEAPOT- Arman Mark Domingo

Lordelie Noya
Jeahbelle Apolinar
Jonalyn Gimeno
Michelle Rodriguez
Kevin Cabanes
Rovin Hicban
Kathleen Kate Premne
Ramel Saylanon
Ed Juary Alonzo
Patrick Villas
Chiangmai Go


Composer: Vangel Lapore

Composer: Vangel Lapore
from the album Vangel and Rico 2001 Dyna Records

Composer: Vangel Lapore
Arranger: Earl John Lapore
Australian Songwriting Grand Prize winner
2008 Dance Category J45

DIRECTOR/WRITER Joana Grace Banting-Lapore
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Mosler Paul Pendang Lapore
AUDIO & LIGHTS Mosler Paul Pendang Lapore & Shawn Racadio
MAKE-UP ARTIST Arman Domingo
PRODUCTION DESIGN Joana Grace Banting-Lapore & Arman Domingo
EDITORS Alvin Magtibay, Jesalyn Lapore, Daryl Villeno
TITLE ANIMATION Marthin Anthony Lozano Millado
PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Duday, Mary Ann Russel, Joshua Gabion
Direk Teng Mangansakan
Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges
Kristoffer Franz Mari R. Millado
Dadiangas Baptist Church
DBC Creative Media Ministry
Digital Detours
Acheng’s Ballooons
Residencia Heneral
RMMC Criminology Program
RMMC Liberal Arts Program
Egai Cadiente
Nanie Banting


Some Old New Discoveries on Bang & Olufsen TV’s

The Television Industry has been moving so fast that I guess we are at the THIN OLED super sensitive screens with tiny built-in shitty speakers… sorry for the language.  Spending more than 8 year working for John Lewis Audio and TV Department I have seen how technology has moved so fast not very much on the audio side but more on the Video Side…. TV’s become thinner and thinner saving the consumer space at home but sacrificing half of the real experience which I would consider the Audio Side.  Why?  because most TV manufacturers don’t place proper speaker systems on these new  Ultra High Definition UHD TV’s.

Now, working for Bang & Olufsen I’ve discovered something special about their old TV’s from about 10-20 years old Bang & Olufsen I would say is quite advance in terms of their audio technology and design for TV’s as well as speakers.  As a KARAOKE LOVER … one would normally get a TV and set-up a separate speaker system usually bulky with a separate amplifier, some eq’s, and effects units, and a pair of bulky passive left and right speakers. Good if they are active but really bulky set-up if they are passive.  Visiting a friends warehouse I discovered on day this BeoVision Avant 28 and 32 inches with DVD or VCR built-in along with a very powerful speaker system.  How much ?  well, you can even fetch them on ebay for 50-150 quid… no bulky separates as well as wires or cabling clutter it’s all in a slightly bigger single piece of moving furniture.

Look …

avant_8 crt avantrange_lifestyleav

We had a small 12 channel mixer a with a really nice mic an AKG D5 then a small karaoke machine with thousands of songs connected to this TV using the audio/video RCA red,white, yellow connection.  Turned the TV on and selected Aux. from the remote… it worked flawlessly.  Great sound from these TV’s and mind you they rotate from one side to the other depends on how you let them move from left to right using your remote… Listen to the sound…at middle part of the video 1:30 seconds… great sound…

If you like to purchase them they sell from 50 to 150 pounds on ebay great corner TV’s and no need for speakers systems they got them built-in.

Some old TV’s but newly discovered for Karaoke from B&O.