An easy way to get into the Music Industry will get you noticed internationally

The Music Industry has been swept by a lot of new developments from analogue to digital,  tape to CD’s, super audio CD’s to mp3’s and more with online selling, download sites and even illegal download sites as a digital platform for the aspiring artist or musician.  Then we have the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Flicker, Tumbler, WordPress, and more as the new age biggest and the easiest link for any budding singer/songwriter or musician to be heard and discovered globally.

Working for Polycosmic Records and Dyna Records from the analogue era up to the digital age I have personally seen and felt these changes and the way the market behaves especially in Asia where piracy is a “NORM”.   It’s part of the industry and you can’t get rid of it.

So, how did we do it then?  How can we do it?  Or simply, how can we get into the Music industry and be discovered internationally. A sure hit solution for any artist from the UK, USA, EU, Canada, Australia and outside the Philippines.

This is the music business and how it works is that an artist needs a good following.  Maybe a million hits on you tube, a million followers on twitter, a million followers on your FB like page, a million audience atleast I guess and then you can be noticed by record companies who likes the idea of profiting from your songs selling  this to a million audiences.

Say, you have a ready album recording of your original songs and compositions.

Before, in the mid 90’s, recording companies could easily sign up a singer to become an artist if you have a good recording voice, good materials and a presentable face and body.  Straight away they’ll sign you up and you’ll get to be noticed easily by an audience of more than 90 million (in the Philippines alone) talking about you on the radio, tv, print media and news tabloid, buying and listening to your music.

Now, with a market of more than 100 million plus 10 million abroad nobody would like to sign you up even if you have the voice, the recorded album on a CD master, good songs, sexy body.  Why ?  You need a good following… an audience… a network… a captured market from the point of view of the record company who will finance your project.  Mind you before you can get your slice of the pie the record company secures their share first.

Well, if no one will sign you up then do it yourself.  DIY it !  100% will be yours.

Get an adviser, acting manager or producer who knows the trick in that industry.  The Philippines has more than 100 million listeners locally and 10 million all over the globe.  This will be your audience so, what you need to do is get the top 3 tracks you have from your album recording and match it with the kind of genre this market wants.  You only need an audience to be discovered internationally and the throw and bounce effect works here.

Throw your materials in Asia to get a wider audience and have this following noticed by scouts and or record companies in the UK, EU, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and all over the globe.

No to record companies,  go for the label that will help you with a sure hit TRI-MEDIA solution which covers the following:  I know a few and it only starts from £19,500-£26,500.

Album Copyright, Licensing, Replication and Distribution (Nationwide Philippine Market)

FREE 1,000 initial CD copies with digital mastering distributed nationwide to all Astrovision, Oddyssey, Radio City, SM and Robinsons outlets. (HMV like)

Radio Airplays, TV guesting and appearances, Myx Video Channel, Mall Tours, and Print Media with major newspapers and magazines including tabloid.

With FREE 3 days hotel accommodation in Manila, Philippines

Cost ranges from £19,500 – £26,500

TRI-MEDIA Promotion and Marketing Plan

Radio/ TV/ Print media/ with Mall Tours Marketing Plan

1. Radio Airplay nationwide from Manila FM stations :  MOR, Star FM, Energy FM, Win Radio, LS FM, iFM, Big Radio, Yes FM, Love Radio  3-5 stations airplay.  Top 3 songs in the album promoted not only a single.

 2. Print Media (total of 10 write ups inclusive of writers fees)

Including major dailies and tabloids The philippine star, manila bulletin, manila standard, the manila times, abante, peoples journal, tempo and etc.

3. Ever Gotesco Malls (3 malls in Manila  Commonwealth, Record, Ortigas Malls inclusive of sound system, host, food trapaulins and etc.)  SM and Robinsons mall tours can be arranged for additional fees.

4.  MYX Video Channel for music video.

5. TV Guestings (included) more can be arranged for additional fees.

6. Service Fees for 3 months promotional period minimum target schedules would be from September to October.

7. FREE 3 days hotel accommodation upon arrival for 2 people. (3-4 star hotel)

Contact:  Peak Management at 07515864600  or email me at RICLAPS@HOTMAIL.CO.UK


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