Kurzweil SP3X New Baby

Kurzweil SP3X New Baby

Amazing stage piano touch, aftertouch and sound. If you haven’t heard the Kurzweil SP3X the comparison from Roland, Yamaha, Korg and other top keys in the market this has the edge above all sound quality wise. I have been a keyboard player for more than 20 years now and started with an ensoniq VFX SD to the Korg 01W then Roland XP50 and XP80 then owned a Korg Triton Extreme and a Roland Fantom but this one is on a higher league of its own. First time I’ve heard the K2600 from an arranger friend of mine I was impressed by the pianos but years and years of upgrading came across the SP3X sounds much more amazing. If not with personal circumstances and recent events that happened I will never never and will never sell this stage piano with all accessories and etc.

In as new condition, no scratches whatsoever but apologies for my photos it came from a samsung S2.   Rest assured it’s in it’s as new form and only selling for half the price with wheeled softcase, pedal, and manuals complete.

10155666_612682225480607_3180457148995512407_n 10174998_612682215480608_6366564300401728323_n


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