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Introducing the man on the keys !  it’s … Evangel Ric Lapore, MBA, BBA, Bsc Prof. Sound and Video Technology,  Dip Music Production, TEFL … on the Motif XS8 from Yamaha… 

Former Dyna Recording Artist, Polycosmic Records Supervisor, Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Musical Arranger, Video and Web Producer, Freelance DJ , Freelance Lecturer (Audio Engineering, Music Production, Business and Management & English as a Foreign Language TEFL)


Producer for Erela Mae’s “WISH YOU WERE HERE ” ALBUM –  UK 2013

Products, Marketing and Business Development Manager for Studiospares Ltd. a UK based Pro Audio Supplier

Independent UK Distributor for JZ Microphones and other Pro Audio Products

” Music is the Language of Mankind …”  I grew up in a family of musicians, was playing the piano since age 10, involved in choir groups at a very young age and did solo performances in college, was in a band for 7 years and waited 9 long years of hardwork and perseverance  to set my foot  at Dyna Records and made a hit in my home country the Philippines… finished my business degrees and migrated to UK to find my dream course …

Audio Engineering, Music Technology & Music Production…. Video Engineering, Filming, TV and Broadcast Engineering with Website design and content creation …  music has led me to a very challenging yet beautiful journey…the  story of my life… more than 21 years of mixed MEDIA industry experience…


  • Bsc (HONS) PSVT (Professional Sound And Video Technology with Web Technologies),  Salford University, Media City UK, Manchester  – Dissertation Church Acoustics Design…http://www.acoustics.salford.ac.uk/courses/index.php?content=bsc_professional_sound_and_video_technology
  • Diploma in Music Production & Construction Manchester MIDI School 2008/ Top of my class    http://www.midischool.com/
  • Former Dyna Records Music Album Producer, Artist, Musical Arranger and Singer/Songwriter
  • Former Polygram Philippines Sales Supervisor and A & R Personnel
  • MBA in Business Management, Ateneo University, Philippines    Former Acting Dean for the Bachelor of Business Administration Department at Brokenshire College, Philippines
  • BBA in Management, Silliman University, Philippines
  • TEFL Certified Tutor (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) 
  • Steinberg Certified for Cubase & Nuendo/ Pro tools 9 & 10 & Cubase 6 / Logic 9 / CSS / XHTML / pHp
  • Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, MAYA 3D Animation, Da Vinci Resolve for Video Mastering
  • UK Songwriting 2008 Top 2 Winner in the RnB Gospel Category for  ” He’s alive not a lie ” out of 6200 entries worldwide
  • USA Songwriting 2008 Finalist for ” Dream I Found “
  • Pacific Australian Songwriting 1st Place Winner for Dance Category for ” J45 ” 
  • 2001 Philippines No. 1 hitsong under Dyna Records “When you remember me” Philpop 
  • Freelance lecturer in Audio, Video, Web Technologies & Business
  • Member PRS for Music London, United Kingdom
  • Member Performers Rights Society of the Philippines and more … http://www.philmusicregistry.net/main/artist/view/1637

Play my Showreel… Prof. Sound and Video Technology at University of Salford

Friends Live at the Peel Hall, Salford University Manchester, UK a composition written by E. Ric Lapore and Nick Holder featuring Rico Anonuevo on Guitars, Vangel on Piano, Strings, Bass Nick on Drums, Jonny and Kabir on mics.  Same song featured on Erela Mae’s Album Wish You Were Here album under Peak Records 2013 released in London, UK.

Paul Weller’s Wildwood Cover for Studio Production Project Mixed and Mastered by Vangel Lapore  (Yamaha 02R96, M-Audio Profire, Lexicon Reverb & Neumann U87i  live with Nick on Drums, Jonny on Guitars and Kabir on Shakers)

UK Songwriting Top 2 in the RnB Christian Category 2008 He’s alive not a lie link beating 6200 entries worldwide and was aired in Rhema FM Widebay Australia and four other radio stations in Australia and Premier Radio UK.


Can be viewed in HD or High Definition by clicking the HD setting lower right corner of the youtube video clip.

The Duo of the New Millenium album released under Dyna Records in 2001 which made a hit no. 1 with songs  “When you Remember Me” and  “Pangako” in the Philippines (on Amazon.com) listen to the album with link below… on Souncloud

When you remember me link  below


Dahil Ikaw 

Pangako link  below


My Love for You  UK Songwriting Finalist composed by E. Ric Lapore and A. Ayque  Singer :  E. Ric Lapore

Wildwood Cover of Paul Wellers Song Recorded at Salford University, UK  Mixed and Mastered by E. Ric lapore   Singer : E. Ric Lapore


There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to music creation, writing, performing, composition, music production, audio engineering, studio set-up and design, music technology and etc. and etc… Above is a summary of stuff I’ve done since I started my journey into the world of music… I would say it started while I was in my mothers’ womb I guess… she (my Mum)  used to perform professionally,  sing on TV and teach as well as winning competitions like the NAMCYA (National Music Competition for Young Artists) this was in the Philippines. It was classical music with my mum so, when I grew up pre-school which was about 6 years old I was in the choir up to grade school. Year 5 & Year 6 I basically topped all my music subjects and exams.  It was a big debate for my dear old music teacher and the principal coz she got confused what to give me as a grade.   She was basically questioned why she has given me a 100% grade in music.  Well, she said what do you want me to give him ?  he scored 100% in all his quizzes and exams and does his homework and participates well in class.  Hmmmm… very cool right !!! I didn’t realize that till I met her (my music teacher) again after finishing highschool.  So piano, music, singing in choir, performing  up till highschool.  After that then came College… well, college and uni is the same in the Philippines.  After highschool normally you proceed to finish a four or five year degree course.  I’ve been searching for Electronic Engineering which was not offered at Silliman University  up to this time so I ended up doing a double major (Accountancy and Management)  but decided to finish my  Business Management Degree.  I was involved again with 3 different choir groups, continued my piano and practice singing solo and yeah I’ve met an American Exchange Professor at Silliman. Prof. &  Mrs. Danford Byrens of the school of Music and Performance.  Prof. Byrens  opened the world of Electronic Music to me…  Synthesis was it.  For 6 months daily read the manual of an Ensoniq VFX SD synthesizer cover to cover and learned how to program and sequence my own music in that workstation keyboard.  Very analog my recoding style as nobody in the University had any clue whatsoever how and what to do with Audio Music Recording.  Anyway, there was this Valentine Songwriting Competition I joined and  two of my musical arrangements won 1st and 3rd place in the non-music categories and two of my friends compositions which I arranged as well that time won 1st and 2nd place in the music categories.  First songwriting achievement I had in University.  While I involved myself in various choir groups touring all over the Philippines.   This was all performed live at the Luce Auditorium.  Produced my own cassette tape album with 7  original compositions on it and released it in stores in Davao City and sold them to friends.  Managed to market them in the City.  Recorded in various studios from four track tape to minidisc, arranged and composed songs for other artists and singers then joined competitions at the Ateneo University while finishing my Masters in Business Administration Degree.

Let’s side track for a bit with my Business Degree … music never left my side even if I was working for an Airline company as a trainee airport manager for Mindanao Express in General Santos City, Philippines home of Manny Pacquiao. Before the company stopped it’s operations my boss advised me to find a new job (they were loosing)  I moved to do marketing and promotions for the Philippines No. 1 Pharmaceutical company UNILAB (United Laboratories, Inc.) as a Territory Manager for the Visayas Region for few years after was promoted to cover the Philippine General Hospital in the capital city Manila.  Along side this I produced my 3rd  album as I was on the side composing and producing music for other artists.  After few years with UNITED, a new job offer came allowing me to become a Department Head for a Business College in Brokenshire in Davao City, South of the Philippines.  Did tertiary level teaching and curriculum development  in Business Administration, Management, Marketing and Sales & Sales Management.  The biggest contribution I made for that school was  lifting it’s Business Administration Departments accreditation level from level 1 to level 2.  I was them promoted to Acting Dean for the BSBA Department of Brokenshire College  (I was the youngest Dean in the College)  when the recording contract came under Dyna Records.

During my Ateneo University Days… I competed in songwriting contests…

There I had 5 songs qualifying in the various categories out of a total of 12 top songs.   National Bombo Radio songwriting my composition came in the top 5 for the City of Davao.   1st Metro Davao Musicfest I was the main arranger for the performing band and written the Themesong for that live event in Davao City, Philippines.  One of my songs made a hit in the radio stations of Davao City ” How Can I ” and not sure why they (ABS CBN Radio) stopped airing it maybe because of the requests that they get for an unknown and local  and unpaid material.  I played with the Firstborn band this time for 7 long years as keyboard and 2nd vocals then after a total of 9 long years of waiting and perseverance got a recording contract with Dyna Records Philippines.  Before this tho I was employed at Polygram Philippines as Sales Supervisor for 3 big cities.  Then had the chance to join the A and R team at Polycosmic Records when they merge to a joint venture.

This was basically fusing music and business together.  A normal struggle of every artist.  Worked with other artists like Jay Durias of Southborder, known Filipino composers like Allan Ayque for the tracks  “tell me and say that you love me” then recording Vangel and Rico Pangako album under Dyna Records as a Duo.  All tracks were composed and arranged by myself and interpreted by Rico (our band main vocalist that time)  and Me except for the lead guitars which I decided to record live with Joey Narciso playing them.   Did the job of a Singer, Songwriter, Arranger, Lyricist and Music Producer with Kuya Boyet Manahan (an known old timer in the Philippine Music Industry) over seeing the project too.  We made a hitsong ” When you remember me” and “Pangako” in 2001.  http://www.philmusicregistry.net/main/artist/view/1637

Toured the whole of the Philippines performing in various venues and had a music video aired on TV.  Did some TV  appearances as well and while I was managing my BSBA Department & teaching Business Management in College (Tertiary Level). Was an in house arranger and audio engineer for Soundchaser Davao as well as Asst. Manager for the Sound Reinforcement Rental Division.  There were loads of projects this time left and right.  Again it was this time I won another songwriting competition for Silliman University’s Centennial Song 2001.  “Through a Hundred Years”  became part of Silliman’s history.  Then left for UK … it was a difficult decision to make but in UK achieved more in the music business and music production and songwriting as well as  did more advanced trainings in Audio Engineering.  In 2008,   I completed my Music Production & Construction Diploma with top marks (top of my class) from the Manchester MIDI School (http://www.midischool.com/)  and my project was a recording studio design .  Won UK Songwriting, USA Songwriting, Pacific Australian Songwriting Competitions and released a gospel album in UK  ” He’s alive not a lie”.  This was aired in UK’s Premier Radio, London, Pinoy Radio UK, http://www.worshipcorner.comhttp://www.worshipcorner.com/artist.php?id=59&artist=Evangel+Lapore ,  Amazon, itunes, CD baby, soundcloud, and some tracks aired in Rhema FM Australia as well as 5 other Radio Stations in Widebay, Australia.  Learning is a never ending process it is like sharing and learning even while you are teaching…taking in every opportunity to learn.  Making use of time to the fullest. Listen to them with links below…

UK Songwriting Top 2 in the RnB Christian Category 2008 He’s alive not a lie link

Australian Pacific Songwriting 2008 1st Place winning track… J45 … link below


USA Songwriting Finalist Track “Dream I found” link  below


SAE Masterclasses in Romania, Bucharest about the Music Business and the DIY Multi-media Engineer/Music Producer as well as workshops with Learning Without Borders in Poland.

Now finally conquering Salford University, Media City UK … where the BBC is … as a Team Leader for the Salford University’s seeTV Film Crew under Dr. Wilfred Darlington,  I am gaining real total experience as a multi-media multi-skilled technologist… from single to multi-camera shoots streaming live in the internet and editing videos using Adobe Premiere & other softwares…  always doing my music production… and did websites as well employing XHTML, CSS, PhP, WordPress  and others… Protools 9, Cubase 6, Nuendo, Logic Pro 8  for Music Production and Audio Post Production in state-of-the-art recording studios …http://www.acoustics.salford.ac.uk/facilities/?content=studios

See my in the studio page…  and a Freelance party host and DJ for Kabayan Sounds Manchester (Light & Sounds/Karaoke for hire).

Paul Wellers Cover  “Wildwood” Recorded at Studio B Newton Building Salford University.  Mixed and Mastered and Interpreted by Me 2011

More tracks on the link below


So, that’s it really for me… in short… take it from me I’ve been there and still I want to learn more let me share what I know and let me learn from you too… knowledge  is passion…

Being a singer/musician/musical arranger/freelance music producer and audio engineer  is not enough I believe one has to evolve and become a multi-media multi-skilled technologist and engineer in order to keep up with advancements in Audio, Video and the Web.  All these 20 years of experiences, achievements, and knowledge cannot be taught in the classroom unless one has learned  it in the field… and these I want to share to the new generation of musicians, audio  engineers, music producers, singers,  songwriters sound designers and even the hobbyists…


4 responses to “About Me

  1. Ric, man, I was probably sleeping when great musicians like you were born. Got a feeling of mixed envy and admiration to what you have achieved. You are a pride of the Philippines!

    Man, I wish you could share your talent and skills by helping other aspiring Filipino musicians too.

    • hey Ronald, thanks for the comment bro… lahat ng kabayan natin welcome dito brad… im doing this for our kabayans actually im going back to the philippines to share what i know and tell them about new technologies going on in the world of Audio and Music production… theres a lot to say and a lot to share… read my blogs from pro tools to cubase to music production to filming to web design and etc… share it as well to your friends my links here … this is the only way for us to connect to pinoys…

    • HI bro,,, i just realized the other night you are called Ricoh… same as my partners name before our duo from Dyna in 2001. well, thanks for that bro… Im thinking of opening a school in the PHilippines in audio engineering and music production there should be an easier way of doing this… if only filipinos would realize we are way behind the rest of the world.. interms of technology in Audio…

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