Some Old New Discoveries on Bang & Olufsen TV’s

The Television Industry has been moving so fast that I guess we are at the THIN OLED super sensitive screens with tiny built-in shitty speakers… sorry for the language.  Spending more than 8 year working for John Lewis Audio and TV Department I have seen how technology has moved so fast not very much on the audio side but more on the Video Side…. TV’s become thinner and thinner saving the consumer space at home but sacrificing half of the real experience which I would consider the Audio Side.  Why?  because most TV manufacturers don’t place proper speaker systems on these new  Ultra High Definition UHD TV’s.

Now, working for Bang & Olufsen I’ve discovered something special about their old TV’s from about 10-20 years old Bang & Olufsen I would say is quite advance in terms of their audio technology and design for TV’s as well as speakers.  As a KARAOKE LOVER … one would normally get a TV and set-up a separate speaker system usually bulky with a separate amplifier, some eq’s, and effects units, and a pair of bulky passive left and right speakers. Good if they are active but really bulky set-up if they are passive.  Visiting a friends warehouse I discovered on day this BeoVision Avant 28 and 32 inches with DVD or VCR built-in along with a very powerful speaker system.  How much ?  well, you can even fetch them on ebay for 50-150 quid… no bulky separates as well as wires or cabling clutter it’s all in a slightly bigger single piece of moving furniture.

Look …

avant_8 crt avantrange_lifestyleav

We had a small 12 channel mixer a with a really nice mic an AKG D5 then a small karaoke machine with thousands of songs connected to this TV using the audio/video RCA red,white, yellow connection.  Turned the TV on and selected Aux. from the remote… it worked flawlessly.  Great sound from these TV’s and mind you they rotate from one side to the other depends on how you let them move from left to right using your remote… Listen to the sound…at middle part of the video 1:30 seconds… great sound…

If you like to purchase them they sell from 50 to 150 pounds on ebay great corner TV’s and no need for speakers systems they got them built-in.

Some old TV’s but newly discovered for Karaoke from B&O.


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