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The V12 the latest mic from JZ mics inspired by the legend AKG C12

The V12 the latest mic from JZ mics inspired by the legend AKG C12


This is JZ's version fo the V67 a mic inspired by the Neumann U67 & Telefunken 67

This is JZ’s version fo the V67 a mic inspired by the Neumann U67 & Telefunken 67


JZ mics V11 Custom design with V67 GDC capsule design in RED

JZ mics V11 Custom design with V67 GDC capsule design in RED

Just stuff I want to share with everybody…

About the SN10’s which are much better than the Yamaha’s Discontinued NS10’s

They are cheap passives but yet the output you won’t believe … lesser fatiguing to the ears… better bass response and smoother high ends… louder as well if you need it loud… Here’s a link from some of the producers who have had a go with them studio monitors…

Behritone from Behringer why would you go for the 250 pounds one when you can get these for £150 or cheaper…

Have you heard of the Event Monitor the TR series ?  well if not… then they are one of the good monitors you can get in the market with a reasonable price… the Event tr6  I used to have them but regretfully sold them… now I’ve discovered their long lost twin brother, a look alike which is far cheaper but sound wise very close to the real thing… I’ve  heard them myself … they are great… introducing the Audio goodness Seiwin studio monitors… they are the look alike of the Event TR6.

Seiwin monitors from my favorite shop Studiospares…

Techspec below from Studiospares…


** Supplied as a pair and no amp needed **
The Seiwin powered speakers are designed for studio use. Constructed from solid 17mm medium density fibre board and with a rear facing bass port.. The cabinet is black veneered for an appealing finish. The magnetically shielded drivers were selected for quality, not price. The 6″ bass driver has a mineral filled polypropylene cone with a high temperature voice coil and damped rubber surround. Such free movement allows the driver to move substantial amounts of air without distortion. The 1″ soft domed tweeter is ferrofluid cooled. The crossover frequency is at 2.6 kHz. Two internal amplifiers 80 watt for the bass driver and 40 watt for the tweeter are driven from XLR and jack input sockets. The professional line level of 0.775v (0dbv) delivers full output.

On the rear panel is a volume controls together with an on/off switch and mains a input socket. There is an LED below the bass driver to indicate that the power is on. Each speaker is totally self contained.

The overall sound is superb, partly due to the quality of the drivers and partly due to the matching of the amps to the speakers and cabinet. These are not being sold by a dealer network so pricing is very very competitive, an unbeatable price for active monitors of this specification!

Features –
* Low Frequency Driver: 6″ magnetically shield mineral -filled polypropylene cone with high temperature voice coil and damped rubber surround
* High Frequency Driver: 1″ magnetically shield ferrofluid -cooled natural soft dome
* Frequency Response: 50Hz-20KHz
* Crossover: 2.6KHZ
* SPL (1m&1W) : 89dB
* 6″ Driver Power Rating – : 80W
* Tweeter Power Rating -: 40W
* Dimensions: 210mmW x 255mmD x 320mmH
* Weight: 10Kg each

Reviews for them link below.  They are really are great monitors… people who bought them rates them 4-5 in a scale of 5.  Great Value they say,  clear, higly revealing, great price.. these are just a few of the comments from customers who bought them monitors… oh my Audio Goodness…

So how to set them up ?  here’s a simple tip and trick..

Set your monitors up…

A simple monitor set-up trick everything has to be equivalent or equal in distance from each other… and don’t forget the level of the speakers has to be on the same level with your ears on sitting position… so you can have a clear view of the sweet spot.  Some assembles their own speaker stands to achieve this. How about you ?

Ok folks more of the Audio goodness… here’s one for the newbies… the old folks knows this but if you are a newbie then read on… ok..

JZ Microphones this is the customized V11 with V67 Capsule in Red Color what a beautiful microphone from JZ.  These are top microphones with the sound quality at par with the greats like the Neumann U87, Neumann U67, Neumann U47, Rode Classic, Telefunken, AKG C12VR or AKG C12, AKG C414, and other great mics in the industry.  Used by modern day producers like Lady Gaga’s Sardina and other USA, UK and Asian producers.  Known to be the Modern Vintage Mics you have to check them out.

Custom JZ V11 with V67 Capsule in RED

This one is the JZ V11 original design sounds like the Neumann U87 and at the AKG C12 categories but priced about 1/6 of the other two mics …

The JZ V11 Mic -  Vintage 2011 design from JZ Mics

The JZ V11 Mic – Vintage 2011 design from JZ Mic


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