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Edgehill University PGCE in Computing here I come

2015-2016 SKE

2015-2016 SKE

It’s been a while since I have posted something here as an update for this blog…

Anyway, things have been great and I’m back to University doing a PGCE in Computing with Edgehill University, Ormskirk.  I manage to secure a Teacher Training Scholarship from the British Computer Society/NCTL full-time and maxed out.  Coming from Salford University School of Computing, Science, Engineering and Acoustics the passion in learning still is alive in me.  I love teaching as well and a combination of experience and training in Audio Engineering, Video Engineering, & Web Content Creation as well as Business Development and Management wow what a journey I’m having through all these years.  Of course, the notes and rests as well as chords and lyrics will always be there with me as well as the live performances as a musician, singer and songwriter.  It’s a busy life…

Thanks again to all my friends and classmates as well as colleagues and the people who have been part of my life.  Hey !  I’m educating myself again at Edgehill University… I just love it !!!


Mr. G on AFX (After Effects) Sherlock Holmes inspired

Inspired by the closing credits of the Sherlock Holmes Film this is a sample clip created using After Effects and Photo shop.

15 sec. Opening credits for a short film with Riclaps as Mr. G

Created at Room 3.05 Salford University Media City UK.

Filmed by Lukasz, Ric and Moh for Animated Graphics

Filmed at University of Salford Media City UK


Current London Album Recording Projects

This is a snippet of the current studio recording projects I have in London.

These are original compositions Wish you were here written and composed by Evangel Ric Lapore with demo snippet at the beginning then followed by a short sample of Erela Mae’s studio music production of same song. Songs recorded in one of X factor recording studios here in London and Peter Andre’s recording studio used for his album.

Fortunately, I’m the one standing as producer for Erela Mae’s Album to be released soon here in UK.  She’s one of the top 10 KABAYAN IDOL UK WINNERS her passion and her parents support you can see is massive and she’s one potential artist waiting to get it big after this project is done.  The materials carefully chosen to suit her vocal timbre and range and all has been carefully arranged to match up with the needs of her target market.

As we have always said, time is more precious than money if you are passionate with what you are doing then go for it don’t waste time do it… you can’t buy time and it will never come back so make the best out of what you have now and the opportunities given to you.

Listen to our snippets below and watch out for Erela Mae’s album produced by yours truly … riclaps from Salford University Media City Manchester.

What you can hear is :

1. Snippet of the original composers demo then followed by
2. Erela Maes Version of the song wish you were here
3. Snippet of the original composers version demo of the song Lullaby
4. Erela Mae’s Version of Lullaby

wish you were here – music and lyrics composed by Vangel
arranged and mastered by Vangel
R n B Soul sort of style

lullaby – a collaboration project with lyricist Allan Ayque from the Philippines with hits e.g. tell me
and say that you love me.

music by Vangel and EJ Lapore
lyrics by Vangel and Allan Ayque
arranged by EJ Lapore from Peak Studios Philippines
Rock Ballad sort of style

Focusrite KRK Novation Demo Day at Studiospares UK

We had a great time and a very successful demo day at Studiospares UK with Product specialist Chris and Sales Manager Chris Dominey from Focusrite the maker of the Saffire and Scarlet interfaces and many other high caliber products in the Pro Audio and Recording Industry.  If you are a fan of the KRK’s … Rockit.. Novation… MINI nova … the Ultra Nova… Impulse … iTrack audio interface for the iPad with only one OSX connection .. .they got it… great studio monitors… great interfaces… great converters the Forte … and many more… watch our video and hear  what happend… great discounts too…

Exclusive one-day offer only… check us out on FB and Youtube… email us if you need gears and stuff…


Friends Music Video

Great teamwork guys…

School of Computing, Science and Engineering – The University of Salford


What more can you ask for ?  Two years of hard work and sacrifice …. and this is the fruit of that labor.  Final year to go after the placement and it’s done…

It was this afternoon 13th of September 2012 when the postman came, dropped the mail to my door and I got three letters.  Two were slightly smaller and one in a bigger brown envelope.  After I flipped it over it said to came from Salford University – CSE Department.  “Well,  I said to myself, could be my transcript for the 2011-2012 school year but when I opened it… it was something else.  It’s when you need 50 quid and you wait and it just comes to you and all you need is to fill-up some forms and the cash will be in your bank account after.  Wahooooo….. well I wished I’d won the lottery but man… 50 quid is 50 quid… it’s not the money though ’cause there was something else along with the cash.  Again I thought it was a scholarship for this Final Year so I won’t have to do a placement to save some more to survive the UK economy… hehehe… but then again it was something else.  I just wished some University or educational institution would notice and would offer me a full-time Masters Degree Scholarship after I finish my final year at Salford University.  But anyway, it was a School Prize Certificate from the Acoustics, Digital Media and Audio Engineering Department.  Wow ! … presented to Evangel Ric Lapore for the outstanding academic performance at Level 5 during the 2011/12 academic year.  Signed by Professor S Vadera – Acting Head of School.  I was speechless … and the letter said,  as you maybe aware each discipline group within the School of Computing, Science and Engineering awards annual prizes for each level of study to the students with the highest Programme Total for that level.  I am pleased to inform you that you have been awarded the Acoustics, Digital Media and Audio Engieering Level 5 prize in recognition of your performance during the last academic year.  Wow !  lastly, it said, on behalf of the whole… no no no… on behalf of the School I would like to congratulate you on your achievement. – Acting Head of School.  Wow !!!

Now, all I can say is Thank you … Thank you… and Thank you … and I would like to specially thank my Professors for this achievement.  If not because of them I won’t be able to achieve this… Sir Paul Sayer thanks a lot,  Sir Dr. Wilfred Darlington thanks a lot,  Ma’am Helen Keegan thank you very much,  Sir Ben Shirley thank you very much, Sir Dr. Jos Hirst thanks very much,  Dr. Phil Duncan thank you, Dr. Bruno Fazenda thank you, Dr. Neil Bruce thanks, Mr. Producer Dave Tolan and Mr. Dave Eustace thank you very much,  Mr. Jose Sarmiento (of the Media Dept.)  thanks for letting me join your post production classes, to Henrrick the man for the studios thank you, to my group mates (Nathan, Jonny & company) and the first batch of the Bsc Professional Sound and Video Technology thank you… to the See TV Team (Kabir, Nick and Derek) thank you and to those I forget to mention and to you who’s reading this thank you.

Without you all I wouldn’t get the opportunity to be invited to talk about Audio Engineering and the Media City UK at SAE Romania, at iAcademy in Makati Philippines and at De La Salle University St. Beniled in the Philippines.  I just hope one day some scholarship for a masters degree will come my way just like that £50 pounds… but all together thank you very much… and I am very proud to accept this from our School of Acoustics, Digital Media and Audio Engineering group.

Hope to see you all again soon… God bless you.

Ric Lapore

Masterclass in De La Salle University, St. Benilde, Manila Philippines

De Lasalle University – College of Saint Benilde is one of the pioneering schools offering recording arts degrees and media in the Philippines.  It’s been a great opportunity to be holding a masterclass there for students in the school of Design and Arts… (Music Production)

Very excited to be invited by their Dean Agnes Asunta – Manalo for a talk there on the 17th-19th of July 2012.  It will be about my Audio Journey and Media City UK as well as the UK Music Business.

Hope after this I will be coming back next year for another tour… like that one I’ve done in Poland last March and hopefully soon in SAE Romania … if you are curious then check out my showreel below…