Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas

This was the book written by Antonio de Morga which was told to be a first-hand account of the early Spanish colonial venture into Asia which was copied by Rizal with his annotations above … published in 1609 in Mexico but re-edited for the Hakluyt Society.  The original book should have the real account of the real identity of the Filipinos for which was not told through out Philippine History.  Philippines was an established kingdom called Maharlika in the 5th to 11th Century but colonized by the Spaniards for more than 330 years.  All our identity as Filipinos is still hidden in one of the big churches in Spain could be Barcelona and that should be returned for the Filipino People.

Who was Dr. Jose P. Rizal? well one of the World Bank Lawyers Karen Hudes in here video below claimed that Rizal was the son of Prince Tallano the twin brother of Queen Victoria who was always at the Vatican and was looking after the Royal’s Gold which was taken by the bank cartel and is now in the Central Bank of the Philippines.  Watch the video… crazy isn’t it?  but look…

The 1.7 million metric tons of gold from the Royal’s which was under a trust account set-up by President Ferdinand Marcos with Jose Rizal was said to be in his last will and testament for the Welfare of the Filipino People.

Rizal’s story … the book of Antonio Morga and the modern account of Karen Hudes can be linked in some weird ways that could be true… all we want as Filipinos is to have what is due to us nothing else.  We have been deprived of our identity for centuries… we have been deprived of our wealth as a nation… and this is our chance to know and learn more about our real identity and history before the Spanish came.  Up to this moment in time the Roman Catholic church is still the main tool by the Vatican that spies and tries to interfere with government.  It is a corrupt church with corrupt ideologies twisted using priests and the bible to gain their own self-interests.  You may disagree but since the Spanish era the RC church was used to conquer communities… destroy families… destroy nations for the reason of wealth, money and possession.  Read the book of Morga which work was based on personal experiences, or on documentation from eye-witnesses of the events described. The Sucesos is the work of an honest observer, himself a major actor in the drama of his time, a versatile bureaucrat, who knew the workings of the administration from the inside. It is also the first history of the Spanish Philippines to be written by a layman, as opposed to the religious chronicles (which I believe were twisted accounts and lies as they are to this day).

Trust account with signatures…

Jose Rizal changed his name to Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz …this should be noted…

link to buy the book above…


Most of the accounts in this blog are from videos and accounts and claims of people who have done their researches on the missing gold of the Filipinos by the Marcoses and Jose Rizal aka  Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz.

Here’s another story below which would blow your mind..

Watch this modern explanation from Atty. Homobono Daza…


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