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Edgehill University PGCE in Computing here I come

2015-2016 SKE

2015-2016 SKE

It’s been a while since I have posted something here as an update for this blog…

Anyway, things have been great and I’m back to University doing a PGCE in Computing with Edgehill University, Ormskirk.  I manage to secure a Teacher Training Scholarship from the British Computer Society/NCTL full-time and maxed out.  Coming from Salford University School of Computing, Science, Engineering and Acoustics the passion in learning still is alive in me.  I love teaching as well and a combination of experience and training in Audio Engineering, Video Engineering, & Web Content Creation as well as Business Development and Management wow what a journey I’m having through all these years.  Of course, the notes and rests as well as chords and lyrics will always be there with me as well as the live performances as a musician, singer and songwriter.  It’s a busy life…

Thanks again to all my friends and classmates as well as colleagues and the people who have been part of my life.  Hey !  I’m educating myself again at Edgehill University… I just love it !!!


Hark the Herald Jazzy Jamming Whatever Session

It’s the 1st of December and of course it’s Christmas and people celebrate the season.  This is all about Peace and Thanksgiving that we are alive and well. Some parts of the world are at war some are in hunger some are hit by floods, earthquakes, typhoons and many natural calamities and disaster but we should be thankful that everyday we have food and we are breathing… Thanks to you our Creator… and to you who’s reading this Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  FREE download using the link below if you like it… share it and share the message of Peace to the world.

Interpreted by Meeeeeeee……

Recorded Mix and Mastered by  Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Really enjoyed doing this 3 hours session after a call from a former colleague at Salford Uni… just playing what comes out of the song and mixing experimental ideas and unexpected phrases and lines… from chuchuchu… dit dit dit… and chidididat …. hahaha…

A Talk at Salford Media City Next Generation Festival

Learning is a never ending process and knowledge is power.  ” Information is liberating.  Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family and community ” –  Koffi Annan.

Being a student at the same time a lecturer is not an easy job but having the power and opportunity to share what you have gained through experience is one very fulfilling role.  There are things we learn inside the classroom but there a valuable experiences outside the walls of Colleges and Universities that we learn through years of experience making each individual unique as a whole being and  making us stand out from the crowd.DSC00009

“As a lecturer, teacher, tutor, student and friend I believe that being in the academe is not only learning the numbers or the arts but it should have a holistic approach to motivation and inspiration.  Looking at the bigger picture in life and being a student of the world opens up opportunities and the horizon… gazing beyond and outside the walls of an educational institution gives another perspective to learning but more importantly is remembering the footprints we leave behind is a mark of an educator ”  by riclaps.

During the next generation Media City Festival last November 21st and 22nd 2013 I was given the opportunity to present to Salford University BSc PSVT (Professional Sound and Video Technology) students a talk about Studiospares Ltd..  A family run business based in London where I used to work. They have been in the Pro Audio industry for more than 30 years fighting against competition and beating any new players in the UK Pro Audio market. Studiospares is not just a company but a Legend I would say established by Barry Lambden a legend as well being the Chief Engineer for REVOX the maker and designer of the 8 track tape machine in the 80’s.

The Salford Media Festival in Manchester is the first Media Festival at MCUK attended by big names in the Broadcast and Media industry like the BBC, Dolby, Envy and AVID, Sony, and other known brands and companies in Cinema, Broadcast, TV and Audio Engineering, Media and Pro Audio.  And being part of this festival as a speaker is something I treasure.  Every participant was talking about their latest technology and introducing their companies and sales pitches but on the 2nd day while presenting Studiospares it was quite a unique and different experience.  Everybody was very quite and was just listening to each word I was telling them at the same time looking at the slides I was showing them about this company in London.2013-11-21 09.38.55

The Studiospares Catalogue is considered to be the pro audio bible in the UK with more 50,000 copies run each year for which I contributed 5 sections in research and product information from Recorders to Mixers to Mics and more.Cover

Another was the Esmono booth which was an exclusive Studiospares product coming from Denmark a portable recording studio we installed at the Amersham and Wycombe College.  Then another was the Excel Exhibition for the higher education sector attended by more than 60 thousand people worldwide. Microphone modification and design in Tube or Valve Technologies as well as headphone design for the M2000 with manufacturers links in the Far East. Various Demo days I have covered and attended from Allen and Heath, Focusrite, Novation, Audio Technica and more.  JZ microphones and NEVO studio the producer for Sugarbabes, Duran Duran, Girls Aloud, Alesha Dixon and Bryan Adams.   A training from a big Foam company in Belgium was another involvement as Studiospares the only company supplying 55kg density acoustic bass traps for room acoustic treatment.  And producing an album recording for ERELA MAE, a British Filipina artist based in London with most of my compositions and some of my musical arrangements.  This was launched last May 2012 and was recorded at Urban Chain Recording Studios & Clique Prductions with a friend engineer Paolo Silva from Portugal and John Robinson. Overseeing projects like this is a joy for me and the links I’ve established with these side companies and my involvement with projects through Studiospares I believe got the real attention of students who was looking to move forward in their careers in Audio, Video or Web.  These are valuable insights not taught inside the classrooms and it was great to have shared these to them.


I have written some articles as well which were made a basis for publishing the SN10 by SOS (Sound on Sound) and Audio Media.  Including Studiospares 30th year Anniversary.  I think the students did enjoy it as it was really suited to their level.  See photo below.

2013-11-22 14.52.20

Students browsing through the Pro Audio Bible in the UK the Studiospares Catalogue where I contributed 5 sections.   A very useful reference in the Pro Audio from studio monitors, mixers, microphones, headphones, cables, and up to 8000 products.   Lastly,  the best part was when I announced that because of the benefit I did have from Studiospares I manage to ask for sponsorship for prizes for a surprise raffle draw for the students. 2013-11-22 14.48.50



Jennifer  and the other one was Chris Earl.  It was quite busy that I didn’t manage to get a picture with him.  But the whole talk was a success and it was the only one with a simple token for students to remember and serve as an inspiration I guess for them to strive more in their studies.

“As a lecturer, teacher, tutor, student and friend I believe that being in the academe is not only learning the numbers or the arts but it should have a holistic approach to motivation and inspiration.  Looking at the bigger picture in life and being a student of the world opens up opportunities and the horizon… gazing beyond and outside the walls of an educational institution gives another perspective to learning but more importantly is not forgetting the footprints we leave behind is a mark of an educator ”  by riclaps.

School of Computing, Science and Engineering – The University of Salford


What more can you ask for ?  Two years of hard work and sacrifice …. and this is the fruit of that labor.  Final year to go after the placement and it’s done…

It was this afternoon 13th of September 2012 when the postman came, dropped the mail to my door and I got three letters.  Two were slightly smaller and one in a bigger brown envelope.  After I flipped it over it said to came from Salford University – CSE Department.  “Well,  I said to myself, could be my transcript for the 2011-2012 school year but when I opened it… it was something else.  It’s when you need 50 quid and you wait and it just comes to you and all you need is to fill-up some forms and the cash will be in your bank account after.  Wahooooo….. well I wished I’d won the lottery but man… 50 quid is 50 quid… it’s not the money though ’cause there was something else along with the cash.  Again I thought it was a scholarship for this Final Year so I won’t have to do a placement to save some more to survive the UK economy… hehehe… but then again it was something else.  I just wished some University or educational institution would notice and would offer me a full-time Masters Degree Scholarship after I finish my final year at Salford University.  But anyway, it was a School Prize Certificate from the Acoustics, Digital Media and Audio Engineering Department.  Wow ! … presented to Evangel Ric Lapore for the outstanding academic performance at Level 5 during the 2011/12 academic year.  Signed by Professor S Vadera – Acting Head of School.  I was speechless … and the letter said,  as you maybe aware each discipline group within the School of Computing, Science and Engineering awards annual prizes for each level of study to the students with the highest Programme Total for that level.  I am pleased to inform you that you have been awarded the Acoustics, Digital Media and Audio Engieering Level 5 prize in recognition of your performance during the last academic year.  Wow !  lastly, it said, on behalf of the whole… no no no… on behalf of the School I would like to congratulate you on your achievement. – Acting Head of School.  Wow !!!

Now, all I can say is Thank you … Thank you… and Thank you … and I would like to specially thank my Professors for this achievement.  If not because of them I won’t be able to achieve this… Sir Paul Sayer thanks a lot,  Sir Dr. Wilfred Darlington thanks a lot,  Ma’am Helen Keegan thank you very much,  Sir Ben Shirley thank you very much, Sir Dr. Jos Hirst thanks very much,  Dr. Phil Duncan thank you, Dr. Bruno Fazenda thank you, Dr. Neil Bruce thanks, Mr. Producer Dave Tolan and Mr. Dave Eustace thank you very much,  Mr. Jose Sarmiento (of the Media Dept.)  thanks for letting me join your post production classes, to Henrrick the man for the studios thank you, to my group mates (Nathan, Jonny & company) and the first batch of the Bsc Professional Sound and Video Technology thank you… to the See TV Team (Kabir, Nick and Derek) thank you and to those I forget to mention and to you who’s reading this thank you.

Without you all I wouldn’t get the opportunity to be invited to talk about Audio Engineering and the Media City UK at SAE Romania, at iAcademy in Makati Philippines and at De La Salle University St. Beniled in the Philippines.  I just hope one day some scholarship for a masters degree will come my way just like that £50 pounds… but all together thank you very much… and I am very proud to accept this from our School of Acoustics, Digital Media and Audio Engineering group.

Hope to see you all again soon… God bless you.

Ric Lapore

Kabayan Idol UK Official Themesong

Kabayan Idol UK Themesong for 2012 competitions composed, arranged, recorded, mix and mastered for the UK Audience and the world.


Music Composed by :  Evangel Ric Lapore

Lyrics Composed by :  Evangel Ric Lapore with Dennis Obina

Arranged by : Earl John Lapore and Vangel

Interpreted by :  Vangel,

Recorded at Peak Studios Davao City Philippines

Mixed at Peak Studios Davao City, Philippines

Mastered at Bahay Records UK, Manchester, United Kingdom

Video Edits by : Gabii Productions and KBI Productions of Media City UK

Evangel Ric Lapore Showreel

Here’s my final showreel … have a look at what things you can get and learn… BSC in Professional Sound and Video Technology is a combination of Audio Engineering, Video Engineering and Web design and Engineering.  Basically, media / content creation at a Professional level.

More than 20 years of mixed music industry experience from gigging musician, to singer/songwriter, composer/arranger, live sound dj and engineer, film maker and video technician, video producer, music producer, web designer and web content creator.

Achievements from  UK Songwriting top 2, USA Songwriting Finalist, Pacific Australian 1st place winner all in 2008.  Album music composer for Vangel and Rico, musical arranger and former Dyna Recording artist with No.1 hit in the Philippines in 2001 with the song “When you remember Me”.  Collaboration projects for the mobile video filmakers ELVSS12  with New Zealand and France. Workshop tours and lectures in Audio and English,  TEFL Romania and Poland as well as in the Philippines.  Collaboration projects with Allan Ayque lyricist of Philippine hitsongs “SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME” and “TELL ME”. Worked with Jay Durias of South Border for the album Vangel and Rico.  Musicmasters UK trainings with producer Dave Tolan and Jim Spencer.  Mastering sessions with mastering engineer Paul O’brien at Manchester College and Manchester MIDI School.

BBC Archives project for Social Technologies ” Life is a Mixer” with Kabir Birdi. See Faculty TV Productions under Dr. Wilfred Darlington (ex-BBC Manager) at Salford University covering the Vice-Chancellors Lecture Series and other independent film shoots in Multi-camera Deployment.

Polycosmic Records, Dyna Records, Soundchaser, and a lot more…

Deanship achieving level 2 accreditation for the BSBA Department at Brokenshire College, Davao City, Philippines.

Studio Production thru the Internet Final Submission (Friends Track)

Atlast the track Friends which started with nothing but words has been finished. You should have a listen to the final output… it is a Rock Ballad Version from Evangel Ric Lapore.

Mastered using Cubase 6.5 but mixed using Pro tools 9.  All in the box… meaning headphones, pro tools plug ins not outboards, then mastered using Cubase.  Amazing… Toyota Avensis speakers and Dynaudios BM5 from laptop was the other reference speakers as well as Dynaudios BM12’s for playback and listening.


This was a very challenging project… maybe the mixing and mastering stages was not as difficult as the recording stages but the main thing is knowing and going through the process of making a song from songwriting to instrumental recordings, musical arrangements, to mixing and mastering.

Yamaha Grand Piano was recorded live at 76bpm at Peel Hall, Salford University. Mic it up 4 Rode NT2A’s  and recorded unto an Edirol R44 four track digital recorder. See video below.

Vocals were recorded in the studio at Newton building, Salford University Manchester.  Using a Neumann U87 mic and popshield. No melodyne and two takes.

Strings and Bass guitars were all MIDI Programmed by E. Ric Lapore

Live Guitars by Ron Ricoh from Ireland… Thanks bro…