Soundproofing Solution the ESMONO BOOTH only from Studiospares

I would like to share this to anybody out there looking to invest in a recording studio… yes one can get the best and most expensive studio monitors and gears but if your room acoustics is not up to standard then that will be money wasted in a way… having a treated room as well as acoustically tuned  in some ways would be ideal.  But if you want something easy and quick to install, modern stylish discrete design, reasonably priced, transportable and basically not a permanent structure which you could knock down take with you then assemble in a different location… check the Esmono Booth below is a video.

I’m one of the fortunate people who managed to film this Esmono Booth installation at Amersham & Wycombe college last Sat. 13th Oct. 2012.  Working for a big company in London who supplies to the Pro Audio market and the Recording Industry is a great opportunity.

The Esmono booth is a Sound studio, Recording studio, Rehearsal room … according to Esmono’s website… The “Freesound” sound studio (recording studio) gives you complete freedom to make musical noise any time of day or night, freedom to practice or play music. Whether you play bass, guitar or drums, the “Freesound” studio, isolation booth and rehearsal room gives you the freedom to play undisturbed. 

Alone or in a group, you can work on your musical development to your heart’s content without being a nuisance to others or being bothered by noises from outside. Our studios are ideal for use as a recording studio for CD or DVD productions.The studios are also perfect for voice recordings or hearing tests. Our sound studios can also be used as a soundproofed bedroom for people with sleep disorders. from   

part 2

check this out… it’s  money well spent…

building the Esmono Sound Isolation Booth


3 responses to “Soundproofing Solution the ESMONO BOOTH only from Studiospares

  1. This article is really worth checking. The concept was covered
    in an accurate mode with no beating around the bush making it more
    understandable for people who cannot stand irrelevant long post just like me

  2. Reblogged this on Evangel Ric Lapore and commented:

    Just thought of posting this again as this is quite a unique product for home studios making them portable and quick to install…

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