STAGESCAPE M20d from Line6

The world’s First Smart Mixing System for Live Sound …

Ok folk’s let me tell you about this piece of equipment… new release from Line 6.              Today I had the chance to meet the product manager for Europe of Line 6 as well as the Sales Manager for UK at a product training session.  Very intuitive piece of equipment for controlling your live gigs from small to medium and large venue.  Key features  :

TOUCHSCREEN VIRTUAL MIXING – this is basically an intelligent mixer designed for live applications which can also be used for the recording studio.  12 inputs and outputs with digital controls and auto-sensing mic and line i/o’s.  having played with it today it’s pretty amazing… I’ll leave you to research on the specs buts mixing was very easy on this… first you choose like what you see in garage band choose a mic, drums, keys and place them where you want to place them on your screen.  What you see on stage you can replicate on screen then if you choose a mic as vocal mic or monitor mic or any application it will automatically give you the tools you need ready for tweaking on screen eg. compressors, eq, reverb, delays, and etc.  When mixing the unit knows you have selected a monitor speaker and it will give you the auto settings for a stage monitor, if it’s a vocal mic it will give you the auto settings of a vocal mic.  Then you can opt to tweak it further or just slide your fingers around the rectangular screen to get the sound you want.  The touchscreen displays icons on a stage that represent each performer, input or monitor output and gives you full access to all parameters from basic tweaks to deep editing.  If you don’t know anything about mixing just use your ears slide your fingers in any direction you want to get the sound you want.

MASSIVE DSP PROCESSING ONBOARD – The DSP on board is amazing from easy to deep mixing capabilities like a DAW.  Plus it shows you a SPECTRUM ANALYZER on the background while you do your mixes so you instantly know what is happening to your sound visually.

MULTI-CHANNEL RECORDING – you have 12 inputs and outputs, 4 additional line inputs with auto sensitivity.  Meaning plugging something on the inputs you will see on screen that there’s something on channels 1 through to 12.  Also, it records in high-resolution, 24-bit WAV format to SD Card, USB Drive or direct to your Mac or PC with the USB ports.  A 32gb SD card can record up to 4 hours of multi-track data run through its channels.

iPAD CONTROL for your MIX – there is a software you can download so you can use your iPad to control your mix instead of the onscreen display.  Wifi can be used as well but needs a WIFI host USB adapter.

L6 LINK DIGITAL NETWORKING –  system aware components, self-configutaiton with other line 6 products e.g. Stagesource Loudspeakers.

I was personally blown away by the mixing capabilities, tuning your live gigs and basically being touchscreen which would save you time.  I hope Line6 will design one dedicated for the studio environment as all you need is a pair of good EARS and EYES then you’re sorted.


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