Yamaha NS10’s vs SN10 from Studiospares

We have A/B'd them studio monitors... the Clone SN10's vs the Legendary Yamaha NS10's

Details of the SN10’s improvements on my Audio Goodness page… check it out if you want to know more about this excellent good priced studio monitors… here’s the link… https://evangelriclapore.wordpress.com/audio-goodness/

We have A/B them inside the studio and analysed the frequency response… amazingly the acoustics engineer who did all the testing offered me a price for the first pair I have brought with me to the Philippines…. he knew the nos. as I didnt but the pair was sold and never got out his studio… what an amazing thing to happen…. Studiospares making great gear man… check out the Seiwins too… they are like the event TR 6… I’ve heard them too… wow… all i can say is Wow…


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