Worship Space Acoustics

This was a visit to a church in Headingley at St. Michael and All Angels and Holy Trinity Meanwood Church.  It was really a great opportunity to have properly seen the interior of these two churches as well as acoustically being enveloped with its musicality in terms of Church Acoustics.  Worship Space Acoustics is one of the new branches in Architectural Acoustics which is still being developed and was formally introduced in the years 2000.  This is a very interesting branch of acoustics the reason why I took this study.


2013-12-15 12.53.01scu

Part of my disseration was to have a sort of ocular inspection of these two similar churches and compare the testing results to a modern day place of worship.  This is just the initial stage of the process and will be doing more in depth study and analyses during this months December and January.

Below you can see some bits of the paper that got a first after panel presentation at the University of Salford.  Discussion covered the ISO 3382 standard for measuring spaces and concert halls.  With discussion on parameters RT60, STI or RASTI, Strength G, and more.  Also, further studies can be made considering the spatial impressions of recordings using a dual channel impulse response.

6.1 Future Work

·         Further investigation can be done to measure and analyze all the parameters given by the ISO 3382 standard. This will expand the study in some ways covering spatial properties of the worship spaces which should include dual channel parameters. (e.g. Early Late Lateral Energy (LF and LFC), the Late Lateral Energy (LG) and the Inter Aural Cross Correlation (IACC).  These parameters should not be measured using a single omnidirectional microphone.  They are directional parameters derived from two impulse responses. (Hak, 2009)

·         A deeper study on the acoustics of small modern Christian churches loaded with PA, choir and instrumentalist in a less reverberant space or room.

  • Investigate how a small boxed room or church hall can be modified to provide an optimum acoustical environment for the modern day church music.


  • Investigate the types of acoustical materials, types of foam, acoustic tiles ideal to use to correct specific frequency bands based on impedance tube measurements and compare them.


Case4 Case3


2013-12-15 12.54.02

church hall 3


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