4K Camera & 4K TV’s & Monitors

Very excited to attend this festival in audio, video and web with broadcasters in the names of BBC, Dolby, Future Media, Sony, and more… contributing into the life of Salford University Students and Faculty and staff.

Started off with the 4k Camera Demo at the TV Studio A at Salford University, Media City UK.

2013-11-21 11.24.32 2013-11-21-10-49-56_photo

4K will be the next standard in High Definition TV… Ultra High Definition giving the users 4 times high definition resolution than normal HD which is 1920x1080p.  4K it’s because it’s four times the HD resolution and the big difference will be on the big screens.    The standard has not been approved yet SMPTE and ITU has still an ongoing discussion about this standard.

For now 4K TV’s are still very expensive and wait till SAITEK will release their first 4K Chinese made tele which is only £1800 roughly.  But of course the 4K Cameras from Sony like the F55 and F65 which is capable of shooting in 8K (F65)  I would not bother asking for the price.

The aside from the resolution the colors were amazing and the depth of field and for sure 3D TV’s will be obsolete given that consumers like me don’t want to use another pair of specs (glasses) just to watch tv or a film from a big screen.  It’s crazy but thanks to this new technology.

2013-11-21-13-00-49_photo 2013-11-21-13-01-07_photo 2013-11-21-13-01-25_photo 2013-11-21-13-01-45_photo

It’s great to have if you have the budget but huh…. too expensive… hahaha



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