TV Engineering Media City UK

Wow Wow Wow !

What is really involved in the BSc Professional Sound and Video Technology degree course at Salford University, Media City UK ?

TV2 TV 1

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Well, one of the most exciting modules is the TV Engineering and Advanced Broadcast Technology.  The Live Television Studio is just amazing with cameras used by the BBC as well as a control room with just the latest gears in Television Engineering.  From the lighting up to the Audio Studio SSL desk to the Miranda system.  I am blown away by what I have seen myself and what I have put my hands on.  Five SONY HD CAMERAS used by the BBC, Miranda system, Vision Mixer, Lighting Mixer, SSL desk and more.  What can you ask for ?  They got the best of the best gears in their TV Studios for students to learn and play.  Great facilities and great tutors at Salford University, Media City UK for the TV Engineering and Advance Broadcast Technology module.

If you are looking for a University with the best Media Facilities go to Salford University, Media City UK.  The UKs’ Centre for Media in Manchester.  You will not be disappointed and you will get your hands on the latest and expensive gears used by industry professionals and the no. 1 Broadcasting Network in the World the BBC.

Check it out yourself.


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