You Made Me Stronger – A Recording Session

You Made Me Stronger – A Recording Session

On the go recording sessions without edits at all…

See what you think of this recording session with an amateur singer doing a cover song from Janet Jacksons.  One of the popular hits of Janet Jackson from 1997 while I was working for Polycosmic Records in the Philippines.  A Polygram international sister company in Asia.  I had the chance to release this album and recently the song was revived by Asia’s Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez and we took a video karaoke and converted it into an mp3 for the backing track.

Listen to the session and think of how long the recording was ?  what mics used ? softwares ? outboard gears ? and the usual recording session gears and stuff.  See what you think of the track and treatment…. from monitors to everything you can think of inside the studio.

Here’s the answer now for you… of course you will be expecting a great recording and mix specially on this one.  But think out of the box… given 1.5 hours to record without vocal editing instead straight recording using a laptop, 2i2 interface from focusrite, a rode NT2A condenser mic, a mic cable, Cubase 5 and a pair of headphones M1000, I think this one is a great output…

On the go you would expect to bump into some friends you know asking for a Karaoke style no edit recording sessions  like this one.  What can you do this is a reality of life… life of a mobile sound engineer maybe… hehehe…

constrained with time… budget… tools… and materials as well as a non-experienced amateur singer… this is what you get…


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