SU Men’s Glee Club 50th Reunion Concert for Maestro Albert Faurot

The Silliman University Men’s Glee Club founded by our Maestro Sir Albert Faurot in their  50th Reunion Concert in Retrospect at the Luce Auditorium Silliman University, Dumaguete City Philippines.

It’s great to be part of this group since 1989 when I stepped on the walls of Silliman University in 1988.   This is the place where real musicians and talents are born.  I owe a lot to this institution and to the Men’s Glee Club who in a big way inspired me to continue the music and the songwriting.

Also to mention Prof. Byrens who introduced me into the world of electronic music production which personally I have pursued up till this time. Thank you.

Celebrating 50th years of music as Ambassadors of Silliman University congratulations SU Men’s Glee Club…

Joined by Glee Clubbers from the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000 and present

Featuring The Lords Prayer, Lupang Hinirang,

The Rose – 2013 UK Songwriting Winning Entry out of more than 6000 song entries worldwide. Composed and produced by Batch ’89 Glee Clubber & 2001 SU Centennial Songwriter Vangel Lapore. Arranged by : Earl John Lapore Interpreted by : Frank Cadorna & Erala

The Lord is my Light, Beautiful Saviour, Halleluia Amen and more.

Glee Clubbers from around the world and very talented musicians and conductors Sir Pacalioga, Sir Basa, Sir English, Sir Baay, Sir Nathaniel, Sir Nick Elman, Sir Elman Caguidangan, Sir Allan Elman, Sir Pinocchio, Sir De Jesus, Sir Manoling Saldivar, and more we forgot to mention we know you have shared your talents and skills as well as treasures.

email us at or message us on facebook

50th Glee Club


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