Studiospares 30th Anniversary Catalogue

2013-03-08 13.26.03

Having to work for a Pro Audio company who after 30 long years in the Pro Audio business here in the UK still exists and is considered to be the producer of the Pro Audio Bible in the UK is a great pleasure and opportunity.

One maybe have noticed that with the economic instability here in Europe and UK some big pro audio names have gone into administration  and has gone into profitability issues and hardships.  Sound Control was a massive company who’s gone into admin as well as Turnkey and I’m hearing some news about the other ones just trying to survive.  It’s a difficult market at this point in time and  Studiospares Ltd. still lives and is making profit. What’s the secret ? well, it’s for you to discover (ask me… hehehe)  but the Managing Director Barry Lambden (founder of Studiospares) is one entrepreneur who really knows his stuff both in the world of electronics and business. Very inspirational boss I would say and very simple yet determined. He is an ICON I would say as being the chief engineer of REVOX who pioneered the 8 track tape recorder few decades ago before the Japanese mass produced them.  The GM Richard Venable is another inspirational boss… simple yet aware… soon I’ll get my franchise sorted thanks sirs…

The STUDIOSPARES catalogue was a big joy to complete very technical to a level one needs to interpret for it’s customers in the Pro Audio market. Very happy and proud to have played a big part of that 30th Anniversary catalogue Just loving the technical … the products, the sales, the field work and installs, the business plan for future expansions wow… everything…

I would like to share it with you and if you don’t have a copy email they will send you one. It’s a great book to have to guide you what products you need to get.

Here’s what the MD has to say …

” You are a self motivated professional person who should do well in anything you turn your hand to.  It was good to be able to leave everything to you  …….    It certainly helped us … “

Thanks a lot sir for this …


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