SAE (School of Audio Engineering) Romania

SAE Visit

A job at SAE Romania

This was my final visit at SAE Romania after 2 invitations been made for a supposed to be a very good opportunity.  It was a choice of having to run the SAE Romania Audio Engineering school as General Manager or having to Head the Audio Department of the said school and the later one did happen.

Curriculum development is one area that I love doing really especially in the field of Audio Engineering and Music Production and Technology as well as the Music Business.  This was like a dream course about more than 15 years ago when this elusive course was never available in the Philippines.  All you have that time was the manufacturers manuals for Roland, Yamaha, and KORG  the big synth workstation manufacturers who I owe most of my technical learning along with demo days and special manufacturers training for Shure, Mackie, Behringer, Alesis, Sony, TL Audio,  and of course the three big names in the workstation keyboards market and Ensoniq.  Jobs came to me to work as a FREELANCE musical arranger and producer in my own home recording studio back in the days.  Well, Soundchaser was a Pro Audio company who contributed to that respect as well.  Managing their wholesale and retail distribution as well as sound reinforcement rental systems was a very good experience as well doing installations to small to medium sized venues.  We had Mackie, Shure, Kurzweil, Soundtracs, Alesis, Hafler, Gibson and all other brands you name it.  But it was at Manchester MIDI School where I first got my formal music production and audio engineering training with Cubase and bit of Logic Pro as the platform and a Steinberg Certification after finishing that Diploma with flying marks of excellence solid 95%.

After this having completed the curriculum at MIDI School proceeded to Salford University with my Bsc Professional Sound and Video Technology degree which combines the Audio with Video and Web content creation for delivery of content to the internet.  Social Media and Technology and digital presence was one area very important as a marketing tool for any business or individual now a days.  Gained awards from the School of Computing Science and Engineering and was top of my class first year and 2nd years with solid 75% and 74%  respectively.   So, this was the next formal training and new curriculum set  I came across in the field of audio engineering, video engineering and web engineering.

SAE was another Audio Engineering curriculum … this paved the way for a new combination degree course which fuses all three curriculum into one unique degree in Media.  And hopefully soon can be released and opened to learners and maybe help the Audio Engineering Industry in the Philippines and the South East of Asia.  My travels to Poland and Romania as well as in the Philippines doing masterclasses in Audio Music Production and updates in the Media World from the Media City UK has contributed to the knowledge and experience of students and people in this very interesting field.  I came across very interesting people, places and practices that one would only see when you set foot at the doors of a country like Romania or Poland in Europe.  The decision to come back to the UK was a major one with reasons only a few people know my mentor and boss at Studiospares UK and a few close friends.  It was good but the decision was better.  Life is a choice and there’s only a handful of choices to make and when you decide that’s the one for you there will always be another open door who’ll let you in … SMILE !!!


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