The Album Launch – ERELA MAE

The Album Launch - ERELA MAE

May 12, 2013 will be ERELA MAE’s CD album launch very talented artist from Dagenham, London. She’s only 17 years old and the sweetest voice I’ve heard as well as a very humble easy to deal with attitude. With 10 unpublished compositions from the UK Songwriting Competition, USA Songwriting and Philpop music festival.  As album music producer I’m inviting you to come down to watch her live and get a copy of her album. “ERELA MAE”.

Mixing and Mastering done at Urban Chain Recording Studios, Clique Productions, Unit 8 in Hackney and Vanric Records as well as Peak Studios Philippines.

Very pleased that with my Social Technology class under Helen Keegan I have actually used the blogs for everything that has been going on with projects and even work at Studiospares. My work as Products, Marketing and Business Development for a big pro audio company has contributed much as well. Also, the side projects like this one.

I owe my filming and video production skills to Dr. Wilfred Darlington my mentor who used to spend 40 years of his life serving the BBC.

Paul Sayer you have been instrumental as well and this is one of the products of your inspiring students like me.

Thanking the Salford University and Media City Family from sir Josh Hirst, Phil Duncan, Bruno Fazenda, Dave Eustace, Henrick Mattson, Ben Shirley, Marrianne Patera, Dave Tolan and to those I forgot to mention Neil Bruce thanks a lot. I will update this blog when I remember the other names so don’t you worry.


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