JZ V11 vs Neumann U47

JZ V11 Custom GDC67 Capsule vs Neumann U47
Steve of Unit 8 Studios in Hackney, London

Steve of Unit 8 Studios in
Hackney, London

JZ V11 vs Neumann U47

JZ Vintage 11 vs. Neumann U47 (original)

The JZ Microphone V11 RED Custom with GDC67 Capsule (Neumann U67 Clone) Price £300 (standard black) -£741 (custom red with GDC67 Capsule No Engraved name)  recorded side by side  an original Neumann U47 (£1999-£2000 online).  I have always been a fan of microphones as a vocalist and musician and we know that when you talk about the Neumann U67 or Neumann U47 or the Neumann U87i or Neumann U89i you will be expecting a really good microphone with a price tag that won’t go lower than £1800  or a price tag that’s close to £2000 or even more.  So, when I heard about the JZ mics few months ago while trying to sort out our website A to Z mics with Studiospares in London I came across the JZ microphones.  Said to come from Latvia this guy who invented them Jaris Zurins (JZ)  worked for more than 20 years repairing the Neumanns and other vintage mics Telefunkens and AKG’s with his dad who inspired and helped the designed this Modern Vintage Sounding Microphones.  I immediately checked online prices and the reviews and sound that these mics could produced against the know brands.  Surprisingly people are blown away by them take for example Lady Gaga’s Audio Engineer/Producer and other big names in the industry.  So,  price was the next factor to see after the reviews and sound clips I’ve heard.  The V11 Standard which is Black in color very nice is only £344 from their site but I have a contact who sells at £300 (let me know if you want one)   this is crazy 1/6 or 1/7 of the price of the Neumanns but sounds close if not better.

This was the reason I got my own custom and the standard V11.  So, working with other studios and studio engineers we want today 9th March 2013 with my Singer ERELA MAE and his dad TOTO Tolentino to one of Londons Recording Studios in Hackney, Unit 8 Recording Studios as they have the original Neumann U47.  That you can see in the picture above and to my surprise as well as Steves (in-house studio engineer) straight away when Erela Mae sang thru the mics we both looked at each other and looked at the NEVE Preamps to check the settings for the 3rd time.  We were in the discussion mode trying to figure out why … and what is happening here ?  so, with same settings and same everything you can tell the JZ V11 Custom RED with GDC67 Capsule is louder yet clean and brighter with airy presence.  No tweaks needed man !  you can leave it as it is without EQ,  it’s like tuned already… Amazing  just amazing.  This blown us away while the vintage Neumann U47 you hear the classic sound it was DARKER and LONELY I would say same with Steve comments.  It has its own characteristic praised by many over the years but man… these JZ mics are the modern vintage mics sounded OPEN and with an AIR or PRESENCE one would love specially if you want your song to sound POSITIVE and HAPPY.  Depends if you want a dark sort of color but to me it’s time to change our views with Microphones.  Let us hear your thoughts.

Hear what Steve has to say about it.


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