JZ Microphones on the way to the UK Market


Introducing the JZ Tube mics these mics are on their way to the UK Market and this one is a customized one which would cost you $1200 something.  Wow that is an expensive mic ?  NO NO NO… expensive is when you don’t get the real value for what you pay for.  So, first with microphones if I want to get one myself I would very much like to listen to their sound output I mean their recordings.  And these mics truly sound Vintage, the Vintage European made tube mics in the class of the Neumann U87, Neumann U47, Neumann U67, AKG C12 or CV12, Rode Classic, and other expensive vintage tube microphones which would cost you atleast £1500.  These mics are great investments as they are not just ordinary mics they are the vintage versions of the £1500-£6000 microphones.  I would say value for money to invest in.  Now, good we will have them here in the UK soon and luckily I would have the chance to play with them soon.

Keep in touch on this blog as I will be posting more when I get to test one of this expensively sounding yet affordable babies in the studio.  Below are some of my customized designs… both the mesh, body and capsules you can customize yourself as well as print your name on it if you want to… contact me if you like to have and hear these babies…

The guy who designed them used to work and repair the Neumanns, AKG’s and other European mic brands which are really the best sounding mics in the market today . What he did was to make his own design at a fraction of a top quality tube mic cost…  Check it out !  they are well worth the money…


Great mics… for your vocals

pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5


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