Current London Album Recording Projects

This is a snippet of the current studio recording projects I have in London.

These are original compositions Wish you were here written and composed by Evangel Ric Lapore with demo snippet at the beginning then followed by a short sample of Erela Mae’s studio music production of same song. Songs recorded in one of X factor recording studios here in London and Peter Andre’s recording studio used for his album.

Fortunately, I’m the one standing as producer for Erela Mae’s Album to be released soon here in UK.  She’s one of the top 10 KABAYAN IDOL UK WINNERS her passion and her parents support you can see is massive and she’s one potential artist waiting to get it big after this project is done.  The materials carefully chosen to suit her vocal timbre and range and all has been carefully arranged to match up with the needs of her target market.

As we have always said, time is more precious than money if you are passionate with what you are doing then go for it don’t waste time do it… you can’t buy time and it will never come back so make the best out of what you have now and the opportunities given to you.

Listen to our snippets below and watch out for Erela Mae’s album produced by yours truly … riclaps from Salford University Media City Manchester.

What you can hear is :

1. Snippet of the original composers demo then followed by
2. Erela Maes Version of the song wish you were here
3. Snippet of the original composers version demo of the song Lullaby
4. Erela Mae’s Version of Lullaby

wish you were here – music and lyrics composed by Vangel
arranged and mastered by Vangel
R n B Soul sort of style

lullaby – a collaboration project with lyricist Allan Ayque from the Philippines with hits e.g. tell me
and say that you love me.

music by Vangel and EJ Lapore
lyrics by Vangel and Allan Ayque
arranged by EJ Lapore from Peak Studios Philippines
Rock Ballad sort of style


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