My Love (Silliman University Valentine Songwriting 1991 Winning Composition)

This song was composed by Philip Domen a music student and very good guitar player from Silliman University, Dumaguete City, Philippines.  I loved the way this track was interpreted that time live on stage with the man who composed it as it was like an ON THE WINGS of LOVE sort of style patterned from Jeffrey Osborne’s 1982 hit.  So, when I got working at Soundchaser in Davao City we had a recording studio and I had the chance to record it there midnight after all clients were out to go home for the next days session.  Used a Roland XP50 Sequencer to sequence and arrange the music the exact Synthesizer used by a friend keyboard player of the popular Filipino Band “FREESTYLE”  from Davao City.  I manage to purchase that Synthesizer from Obet their first keyboard player.  All original arrangement very much following the original composition performed live at the SU Luce Auditorium in 1991.  This was a really good year for the Valentine Songwriting at Silliman.  So, hear it and enjoy… Thanks to you Silliman… for the music..

Mic and Synthesizer Used to Arrange & Record My Love at Soundchaser Davao


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