KALIKASAN (nature) by Ron Ricoh

This project was passed to me for mixing and mastering.  A track about “nature” pls listen to the mix and the mastering… we would like to hear from you what you think of the mix and master… specially the vocal treatment.  Please leave your honest opinion and comments. Thanks very much.


Composed and interpreted by :  Ron Ricoh

Mix and mastered by :  E. Ric Lapore


3 responses to “KALIKASAN (nature) by Ron Ricoh

  1. G. Konstantinidis

    Hi Ric! I ‘ll be totally honest with you. I think the lead guitar is punchy and clear but is too loud in the mix. Also needs in some parts to be edited better and some fade in/outs to be applied. The vocals are clear but sounds a little bit “boxy” and very narrow. I feel the reverb that you used for vocals is a very small room which sounds like that the voice appears in a different space from the other instruments. In addition Drum loops sounds too “mono”. As regards mastering procedure seems to be great! Nice and clear frequency presentation in the whole track. Although I feel that the track fades quite roughly especially the sound effect in the left channel which sounds like modulated water stream. Hope that my comments will help for further improvement! Sorry if I am too strictly in my jugdment…I am trying to be honest with that kind of stuff…Hope the best!

    • yes, yes that is very true… I agree… ill give you another check it out ok.. good you are hearing it bro… the vocal effect is modeled coming out from a guitar amp mic up… ya the whole mix i know… listen to the other one and compare ok.. thanks…

    • hello bro… thanks for the comments ok… really appreciate them… thats why the track has been out to get comments from people like yourself and anybody… but listen to the other one ok.. i still want to know what you think.. thanks again…

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