Studio Production thru the Internet Final Submission (Friends Track)

Atlast the track Friends which started with nothing but words has been finished. You should have a listen to the final output… it is a Rock Ballad Version from Evangel Ric Lapore.

Mastered using Cubase 6.5 but mixed using Pro tools 9.  All in the box… meaning headphones, pro tools plug ins not outboards, then mastered using Cubase.  Amazing… Toyota Avensis speakers and Dynaudios BM5 from laptop was the other reference speakers as well as Dynaudios BM12’s for playback and listening.

This was a very challenging project… maybe the mixing and mastering stages was not as difficult as the recording stages but the main thing is knowing and going through the process of making a song from songwriting to instrumental recordings, musical arrangements, to mixing and mastering.

Yamaha Grand Piano was recorded live at 76bpm at Peel Hall, Salford University. Mic it up 4 Rode NT2A’s  and recorded unto an Edirol R44 four track digital recorder. See video below.

Vocals were recorded in the studio at Newton building, Salford University Manchester.  Using a Neumann U87 mic and popshield. No melodyne and two takes.

Strings and Bass guitars were all MIDI Programmed by E. Ric Lapore

Live Guitars by Ron Ricoh from Ireland… Thanks bro…



3 responses to “Studio Production thru the Internet Final Submission (Friends Track)

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  2. Galing naman! Brad, I wish I have that kind of mic ha ha ha. And the voice as well!

  3. Galing din ng Guitarista… Ron Ricoh yan… from Ireland… Thanks bro… mahal ng mic nga… 1800 pounds lang naman hahaha…mag babanat muna tayo…

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