Evangel Ric Lapore Showreel

Here’s my final showreel … have a look at what things you can get and learn… BSC in Professional Sound and Video Technology is a combination of Audio Engineering, Video Engineering and Web design and Engineering.  Basically, media / content creation at a Professional level.

More than 20 years of mixed music industry experience from gigging musician, to singer/songwriter, composer/arranger, live sound dj and engineer, film maker and video technician, video producer, music producer, web designer and web content creator.

Achievements from  UK Songwriting top 2, USA Songwriting Finalist, Pacific Australian 1st place winner all in 2008.  Album music composer for Vangel and Rico, musical arranger and former Dyna Recording artist with No.1 hit in the Philippines in 2001 with the song “When you remember Me”.  Collaboration projects for the mobile video filmakers ELVSS12  with New Zealand and France. Workshop tours and lectures in Audio and English,  TEFL Romania and Poland as well as in the Philippines.  Collaboration projects with Allan Ayque lyricist of Philippine hitsongs “SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME” and “TELL ME”. Worked with Jay Durias of South Border for the album Vangel and Rico.  Musicmasters UK trainings with producer Dave Tolan and Jim Spencer.  Mastering sessions with mastering engineer Paul O’brien at Manchester College and Manchester MIDI School.

BBC Archives project for Social Technologies ” Life is a Mixer” with Kabir Birdi. See Faculty TV Productions under Dr. Wilfred Darlington (ex-BBC Manager) at Salford University covering the Vice-Chancellors Lecture Series and other independent film shoots in Multi-camera Deployment.

Polycosmic Records, Dyna Records, Soundchaser, and a lot more…

Deanship achieving level 2 accreditation for the BSBA Department at Brokenshire College, Davao City, Philippines.


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