Soundtrack for ELVSS12 New Zealand and France Collaboration

The Soundtrack has been composed already and it was ready Easter time and there were about 5 different tracks.  But my problem was my interface broke down… Failed… so I have to wait for the hatch at Newton after Easter to open.  This was the only problem regarding the composition only the transfer but luckily yesterday I rang the hatch… manage to get Henrrick book me studio B.  Today I was there did some stuff and loaned an interface… cool I only need two inputs anyway… so gone for the M-audio mobile pre… what a  cool nice small kit to have… so stay tuned guys as I will be uploading the compositions soon…

It should be good and that interface should work with my windows laptop… and it is USB look…

M Audio Mobile Pre comes with Pro tools SE

This is a USB interface and comes with Pro tools SE music creation software which is based on the same powerful pro tools application used in studios worldwide,  with professional recording features, effects, virtual instruments and more.  Whether you like to record guitars, vocals, keyboard, and more with pristine sound quality… compatible with other software platforms too.. but I don’t know why Avid or Digidesign didn’t mention Cubase or Nuendo on their packaging… hahaha

2 simultaneous tracks to record,  16 total audio tracks, 8 virtual instruments tracks 20 audio effects, 100 virtual instruments sounds, 3 gb musical loops so there you go friends… turn your laptops into a mobile recording studio with the M audio Mobile Pre USB Interface…. £100 on Amazon…

Anybody wants to listen I’ll post the link here soon… hopefully before Friday… going back to return the interface hehehe…

I’ll let you know if I encounter any major hiccups… I’m recording tonight so stay tuned… from the Man on the Keys…


One response to “Soundtrack for ELVSS12 New Zealand and France Collaboration

  1. We have a bit of a problem here…’ cause the drivers that comes with the mobile pre won’t let me run the interface… it comes up with an error message about the ASIO… hmmm… its not compatible with the sampling rate of the interface… this is a known problem for these interfaces… good we tried it…

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