24/24 Frames Collaboration with New Zealand and France

These are the links and the you tube uploads we have so far for team 2 along with the final project for the 24 frames 24 hours collaboration with the New Zealand and France groups.

From David Renwick NZ

From Ric Lapore MAN

From Nathan MAN

Kabir did his filming and Andy as well and he’s uploading it to you tube now….also the rest of the group.  So, far we have most of the footage we need for the final edits.  We are only waiting for France to upload their contributions to this project.

We have a lot of footages from  Media City too… so peeps stay tuned.  Per conversation with NZ group for team 2 they will do the editing and asked them if they need music also they have… but I have prepared 3-4 tracks if needed all original.  Please bear with me my nets crap… having problems with network.


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