7th Wonder of the World PALAWAN, Philippines

I really have to show you this because this is once in a lifetime and you should be there to visit it… watch this video below and you will see what I’m trying to share to you… this may not be about audio or video but the footages and the information is worth watching… the Puerto Princesa Underground River… the longest Subteranean river in the world and witness to millions of years of evolution of our world…

Explorers come to this place and experience the great Palawan and its wonders and secrets.  Be one of the few who have visited this place and comment if you like it… by the way, if you are living in the United Kingdom and you’ve been to the Isle of Wight the largest pearl collection in the Isle of Wight Pearl Gallery comes from Palawan in the Philippines and it’s about 6 kilos heavy and big.  So check this out folks its worth the watch really and the holiday.

My audio engineering professor at Salford University will be going to Palawan this July 2012 for a diving expedition why not check it out…


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