The V-C’s Lecture Series Multi-cam Filming 13


This was another multi-camera film shoot for the SEETV University of Salford film team.  Number 13 with Kate Pickett and I was with the group Derek Leather, Nick Caville  and Kabir Birdi  setting up our own Sony Z1 HD camcorders and another opportunity  to film and live stream the Vice Chancellor’s Lecture Series to the internet. This lecture discusses inequality within our society and all over the world.  Very exciting as always as we started with NO PRACTICAL experience whatsoever in multi-camera filming but now after more than a year  of doing the same sort of filming,  instructions are just sent through emails and during deployment each individual just sets-up his own camera and tripod ready for the shoot.  When the man on the vision mixer signals go… then everybody presses the red button and recording takes place.  Meaning everybody knows what to do during the set with very minimal supervision.  I’m proud to be with this bunch of filmakers… may not be the sort of film people would love to spend hours to see like Disney or 20th Century Fox but the principle is there.  Thanks to my team and thanks to Dr. Wilfred Darlington who invited to join this group and to organize my own small team as well.  Thank you Sir Wilfred and thank you Derek for the great opportunities and ideas shared.

Below is the making …


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