Audio Suite Media City UK (Pro tools 9 and Cubase 6)

Working with Pro tools 9 and Cubase 6 with MIDI and Audio data programming

Media City UK is the  UK’s  Centre for Media … BBC has moved their headquarters here from London and ITV Granada as well and pioneering the University’s in UK for training and education in Audio Engineering, Acoustics, Digital Broadcast ,  Professional Sound And Video Technology, Media Technology and a lot more is Salford University with it’s 220 million pound facility and building.  Wow… so, we’re lucky were part of it … Professional Sound and Video Technology used to be an HND course taught at Salford University in the CSE Computing Science and Engineering Department under the Audio and Video Faculty.  After 15 years of producing graduates from these scheme they decided to offer it as a Bsc Degree Course for the first time and luckily we are the pioneers.

So, above you can see the pic we are at the Audio Suite at Media City UK at Salford University working on the latest softwares for audio recording and sequencing as well as four state-of-the-art recording studio facilities at Newton building Salford Campus.  We are editing “friends” an original composition written by E. Ric Lapore and Nick Holder.  Cubase 6 was used to program the MIDI parts as it is very easy to use for MIDI and Pro tools 9 was used to record the live instruments e.g. grand piano, guitars, drums.  From cubase the MIDI parts were imported to pro tools and used the native instruments in pro tools for the strings and bass line.

Pro tools for me is a very popular platform and every studio uses it but all other platforms are equally good like cubase and nuendo or others.  The main thing is learn how to use them to your advantage.


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