Studiospares M1000 Studio Monitoring Headphones (a review)

You won’t believe my story but this is one cool very informative piece with a video… Another Audio Goodness blog from the man on the keys… I went to London to see the Queen but she was too busy so I decided to go to my favorite shop online and in London… Studiospares at 964 North Circular Road corner Waterloo Road NW2 7JR wow… I did memorize their postcode now.   I love Audio Engineering and Studio Production specially dealing with speakers, monitors, interfaces, effects processors and everything you will find in a recording studio really.  Gear lust they call it but nothing wrong with that…anyway,  after two hours boarding the train from Picadilly Train Station Manchester I was in London Euston.  In the tube to Brent Cross Station then took the 232 bus to get to the nearest point to Studiospares.  When I got there,  wow there were all these speakers in their small show room… I loved looking at them… the SN10’s, the Seiwins, the smaller Seiwin SNs’ and others.  I believe in their products even if they are not like the leading brands in the market which are priced too much … too dear.   For example their studio monitors I have heard them myself firsthand and they are great.  They are at the fraction of the price compared to the leading brands in the market but their quality is superb… amazing I would say.  Check them out …. google

So, we had a short chat with Richard Venable who manages Studiospares.  Very accomodating man and he gave me a tour of the whole warehouse and shop.  After our chat he surprised me with a pair of Studiospares M1000 Studio Monitoring Headphones… very happy to have a pair from them.  He said,  thanks for coming down to London and for the hassle you can have these. Great !!! very chuffed about it… when I arrived in Manchester at about 9pm straight away I got home and tried to compare them with my Audio Technica ATH-M30 and a Sony and a Panasonic studio headphones at the same price range.  Guess what ? which was the best of all ?  to my surprise all the other three headphones were no way near the sound quality of the studiospares M1000 headphones.  Very flat response which is what you need in a monitoring system.  Clear on the highs, mids, and the low.  It is well balanced all around and they are not ear fatiguing like other headphones.  They are very comfortable as well to the ears specially if you are mixing for hours on them.  This is why I have this blog because after I tried them myself I have persuaded a few student engineers from Salford University, Media City Manchester to try them in the studio.  These are Bsc Professional Sound and Video Technology students who knows what they are doing really.  So, see for yourself what they have to say about these headphones…

part 2

Thanks to Nathan, Jay and Kabir also me … for being the camera man and video producer and editor of this you tube video.


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