Multi-camera filming / Live Internet Streaming (SEETV Team University of Salford, MediaCityUK)

This is just a sample of our teams work at the Vice-Chancellors series of workshops/lectures at Salford University, Media City UK in Manchester.  It’s a mixture of some footages taken while the teams walking towards the venue at the Old Fire Station UoS, Manchester.  With all our kit Sony Z1 Camcorders,  wireless mics tuned to a simple frequency and  Manfrotto tripods plus the kit for the live streaming… a digital vision mixer and a small format Yamaha audio mixer the team was able to stream live in the internet.

We covered various events from the Airbus at Manchester Airport, Away Day at Media City UK, Allan Yang, and more (it’s in my other blogs… )  very similar technique.

Working with Dr. Wilfred Darlington and Derek Leather for almost two years now the team gained a lot of industry experience in 3-4 camera shoots and deployment.  Plus the complicated edits of about 8 separate 1-2 hours of footages which is very tricky to sync and time consuming to edit if you don’t know  the technique.  But this is a sort of Thank You for the valuable efforts & rare opportunity Dr. Darlington and Derek Leather has given and shared to us.  With sincere thanks I salute you SEETV team… from me, kabs and nick.

For you who’s reading this hope you get something out of this short video clip and maybe experiment on how to… wideshot, close-up, profile, audience…


2 responses to “Multi-camera filming / Live Internet Streaming (SEETV Team University of Salford, MediaCityUK)

  1. thanks Jayy… its great to really do it hands on you’ll learn a lot plus you get free food also you’ll get dizzy sometimes but its all great man… we had fun…

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