Poland Workshop Tour March 4-10

Krasnik Workshop

Here’s a link for some pictures during the workshops I did in various cities in Poland. (Click on the picture to see more on flickr). This was a weeks paid workshop to students learning English and a bit of social technology.  It was my first time and it was a great trip for me I took the plane from Manchester to Katowice then did the workshop in Bytom a smaller town near Katowice.  Then traveled few hours  to Warsaw for a workshop there and to Legionowo a town just at the outskirts of Warsaw.  Great place too as I was able to visit the Chopin Museum if you know him (Fredryck Chopin). One of the great composers during his time and was a well-known pianist.  After Warsaw I travelled to Lublin and to Krasnik to do my workshop.  Another great experience and each time it was getting better and better.  Krasnik is basically a small sort of town or city in the East of Poland where they have a factory manufacturing the ball bearings for Peugeot and Fiat.  I loved it there and I can remember the place was like the pictures you see in the movies of World War II. Russians and Germans and the Polish army.  What a historic place with lovely people.  Then the next day I was in Rzeszow doing a bigger workshop to a much bigger audience and this was the best as they have a very good sound system from the Sennheiser mics to the DAS PA speaker system. I started the workshop  surprising them with a song ” Friends ”  the one in my other blog.   It was a small amphitheatre but would accomodate about 200 audience at the Promar Intenational Language School.  I have seen one of the oldest churches there too…

The best thing with this experience is that the Director of the Company who hired me to do the workshops was delighted with the feedback she got from her clients.  She said, I had a very positive feedback from Kamila (her officer representative there who got the responses from the various schools I’ve visited)  and she even invited me again and offered if I want to do more workshops there.  Oh man, I’m excited to go back.  I’ll be back in Poland soon…

Link from the School in Krasnik…



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