The BBC Archive Project (Life is a mixer a reflection)

Looking back to how our group started with this sort of metaphor of relating life to  a mixer or mixing desk our work is almost finish.  The video has been created only that we are trying to finalize the background music for it.  It’s been a great opportunity for us to have a chance to work on some archives from the BBC and there’s only a handful of people and students being tapped to do this sort of special project.  Thanks for all these….

It all started from a single idea (thinking skills)  LIFE IS A MIXER … how?  and the group managed to expound on the idea and created something new and relevant to the graduate skills being mentioned on blackboard.

Communication as a skill was demonstrated by the use of visual and audio-visual, digital and including social networking.

Teamwork has been demonstrated by the group as we shared the ideas and footages for the direction we wanted to go.  And all decided that yes, we are skillfull enough to make our own individual edits employing Creativity using softwares like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.  Also, creating something new and relevant out of the BBC Archives.  The message one can learn from our video will be relevant.  Life was said to be composed of different chapters represented by channels on a mixing desk and we just have to prepare when our time runs out.  It’s just that that is life really.

Time Management has been demonstrated as everybody tried to push themselves to get on with the tasks and complete it.

Independence or Autonomy is one as well,  were each individual did his own research and contributed to the finalization of the whole project… Self-management and initiative, these are just samples of the skills being demonstrated by our team Ric, Nick and Kabir.

 Here’s the silent version of ” Life is a mixer “…


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