Life is a Mixer Edits (BBC Archive Project)

Hello all … this is just a continuation of the progress of this project which me and Kabir is trying to complete… Tuesday I stayed at Media City to check all the BBC Footages and cut what I needed for the Video Project Life is a Mixer.  So, took me hours to do it really but came up with an 11 minute rough cuts for the sort of 7 stages of life mentioned on my previous post about this BBC Archive Project… the agreement was Kabir will finish off all the edits after I did all the compilation of the various cuts and reviewing of all the films.  And here I have a jpeg of that first clip which I wanted to have as a first cut of the short film.  Also, I will share with you here the 11 minutes cuts I have compiled for this project.  I believe we got what we needed … very interesting pictures from Childhood to Adulthood then RIP… scary if you’re not ready…

here's a screenshot of my idea for the video edit of life is like a mixer...

Just another update today on this project there’s a bit of revision we have done on this so far and its almost done.  Hope you all love it…


2 responses to “Life is a Mixer Edits (BBC Archive Project)

  1. sounds interesting man!!

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