BBC Archive Project Post (Life is a Mixer)


It’ s been a long day… I was at Media City UK sorting out the BBC Archive Project with few friends… well, this was a timely opportunity for PSVT students to get access to the BBC archives and enabling them to create something new and make use of these footages… be creative…  it’s a combination of stuff from multiculturalism, primary school, football, sports, religions, places of worship, churches, age, maths, maths airbus, memorials, old people, heroes animation, Pendle Hill, peace gardens and many more…

What I started was an idea a sort of metaphor using various footages and talking about life… and we were debating before what to have as a theme but normally when it comes to this sort of writing and coming up with an idea… I would usually sort to the songwriting techniques I’ve learned through the years… as a singer/songwriter for many years now… I’ve learned that a song usually comes from a Theme… a concept…   a simple & clear idea that would steer one’s creativity to open one’s mind to create and imagine how to and what to and etc… so,  my idea for the group came before I left for Poland for a workshop tour… 5 minutes before the class ended I suddenly told Kabir…

LIFE IS A MIXER … or LIFE IS A MIXING DESK … metaphor ? hmmm… yes…


Life is like a mixer … it has various chapters represented by channels on a mixer. My video starts with chapter 1 and as the first fader is pushed up on a mixer life starts there… a baby conceived on a mothers womb … after we are born  our journey begins…   by the 2nd chapter on fader 2 which is becoming a toddler and growing up to primary school… 3rd chapter will be fader 3 on the mixing desk which is about secondary school (high school)… then after we go to chapter 4 of our lives which is college then University… we become more independent … going to concerts and or clubbing at night…  then chapter 5 is basically fader 5 on the desk… where we start looking for jobs and travelling and life becomes slightly complicated when we get married… chapter 6 will be the middle adulthood which is represented by fader 6 on the desk… we get jobs then work for a long time then we retire… chapter 7 which is the 7th channel on the desk… is when we slowly get older … weaker and we loose our touch with the world and just rest in peace…well see what our group can come up with… well, let’s just prepare… life’s a mixer…

Life is a mixer... courtesy of NICK CAVILLE Photography... big thanks

Well folks… tonight was about to try to do more edits for the final video on life is  a mixer but my nets being funny… it’s very slow… somebody might be sharing my internet with me… it’s gone very slow… well this is one problem I have related to completing this project.  Another sort of problem I encountered is that the BBC footages were filmed in different formats some 4:3 and some 16:9 well not even sure if some of them are really true widescreen.  That’s a bit tricky really not just for me but for the people doing this BBC Archive Project as well but there is a way… and still it should be cool…  I have seen really interesting videos already… I’m looking for one who’s made a funny video out of the archives… let me know… peeps… it could be me…


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  1. Thank you for liking this one… well, this should be good… cheers

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