24 frames 24 hours the making

hello all and welcome to 24 frames 24 hours the making video… well i know the video compression is not very good… as this was compressed for a mobile phone viewing and not really you tube… will upload the better one on thursday… my nets funny so just bear with me on this one… but… we are excited to be involved in this project with media students from France and New Zealand and here is the making and the planning of Salford University’s PSVT student 24 frames  24 hours.  Enjoy the video…


10 responses to “24 frames 24 hours the making

  1. LOVE IT! So funny seeing our class in action – really enjoying working with you lot 🙂

  2. wow… that was quick… im excited with this project really… cool to know people being connected all over the world… cheers…

  3. p.s. can you upload this to the #ELVSS12 YouTube channel?

    Instructions i.e. login info can be found in the main ELVSS project doc 🙂

  4. UGFL thanks man… Helen.. will do… cheers

  5. Done posted uploaded it on you tube… at ELVSS12 will do the updates on Thursday hopefully… this is great.. hahaha

  6. Max wants you to upload it to the Vimeo group for 24/24 – or alternatively, if you send it to him digitalmedia.max@gmail.com he’ll upload it.

    CONGRATS on being the first Salford 24/24!

  7. I can see how much you love music, I appreciate your talent. Good work!!!

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