Studio Production (Making of Friends – Piano)

This was a great surprise when I arrived from Poland yesterday… today was just trying to edit my own version of this Studio Production project but Nick uploaded his own version which was really great.. the sound of the live piano recording came out to be really nice… a true wooden piano sound … wow… soft easy to listen … well we are just in the making… so I would encourage you all to listen… share… and watch out for the coming of the whole composition when we finish this project… great team work from Nick, Ric, Kabir and Jon… the PSVT bunch of Salford University Manchester … at Media City UK.

I’m very proud of this achievement on the making…  we have recorded in the studio the drums, guitars and vocals all we need is the other parts the MIDI of the strings and bass line… but they are all done anyway…

Tomorrow hopefully I will be able to upload my own version of the video edit of Friends… cool…


3 responses to “Studio Production (Making of Friends – Piano)

  1. G. Konstantinidis

    Great composition! Nice recording and videoclip. I would prefer just a little bit more wet piano sound…

  2. Thanks George… very excited about this project really… its just amazing… thanks to Nick, Kabir and Jon…

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