Ed Sheeran on Mobile Phone Video Production the Making of

Don’t miss out on this one… featuring Ed Sheeran… This is my version of Friends the making … using a Yamaha Grand at the Peel Hall, Salford University Manchester, UK.  Footages were taken using a Samsung Galaxy II mobile phone combined with footages from a Canon 550D Digital Camera.  It’s amazing though as you won’t expect this quality from a mobile phone but here it is…

Also, if you want to see how we micked up the grand piano well you will see this at the start of the video… using 4 Rode NT2A’s the video will explain it to you…

Ed Sheeran has been Featured here as well working with us  on the composition and some friends from Poland…

Friends is an original composition we are trying to produce for the Studio Production project at Salford University Media City Manchester.  It talks about friendship amidst the hardships in life while we need money true friends will always be there for you… Let us know what you think of the video quality … also, thanks to my team Nick who took the footages from his Canon 550D, Kabir who hooked up his expensive laptop for us to record the whole thing, Jonny who mic up and help set-up the proper sony camcorder Z1.  As you can see we used a Roland portable 4 track recorded while doing the recordings but the audio on this recording were all coming from a Samsung Galaxy II shoot by Kabir.  This differentiates it from the other version of this video.

Please comment on the video quality as this can be compared to the other one before this.

Also, what do you think of the song ?

Thanks !!!  go go go Salford University PSVT…


2 responses to “Ed Sheeran on Mobile Phone Video Production the Making of

  1. Nice work mate, love the mobile footage as well.

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