New Ways to Distribute Mixes or Music

A podcast with Ric, Kabir and Nick of the PSVT group in Salford University, Media City UK.  This is a discussion about new ways of distributing your music or mixes.  One can use you tube, soundcloud, use the net which can be done individually as like a DIY composer or dj.  Make use of your social network like facebook, twitter, tumbler, and others.  Check it out folks…


5 responses to “New Ways to Distribute Mixes or Music

  1. Nice work people, What are your thoughts on personal vs professional creation and distribution?, are there any new ways of filtering out unwanted rubbish out their so that professional quality work becomes standard?

    • i guess to filter those rubbish out there is to just employ an LFO… low frequency oscillator… that will make all the unwanted artifacts go… or elimated … dont know how tho.. hahaha

  2. New Ways to Distribute Mixes or Music was a good read
    All the best Chad

    • Hi Chad,

      Thanks bro… appreaciate it… hope you got some ideas from it… cheers

    • thanks chad for the comment… its just something we think relevant to other people who wanted to know.. its the power of the internet now really man… and artists dont make tunes to sell them but to give them away and to get gigs for themselves… its not the tunes that makes the money its the gigs…

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