Gigs all over Manchester (Live Sound Party Venues)

Gigs All over Manchester... Dancefloor should be like the picture below... (Stockport Manchester)

Occasional small party disco karaoke gigs all over Manchester, UK.  Did the live sound set-up… DJing, Disco, Karaoke… this was in Stockport.  As part of being a freelance music producer and audio engineer as well as singer and musician you’ll get the chance really to go into Live Sound… even how small it is still the experience is so much valuable… and if people knows your into music and you have a set-up for small party venues they’ll ask you to cover the party… you’ll be forced to do it… well don’t you want extra cash for a few hours of your time ?  Why not if you can mix inside the studio then why not try applying all you know about live sound and studio sound in a live situation… I did…

Few years back friends keep on asking me why don’t you do live sound small party dj karaoke and disco.  Hmmm… was a bit hesitant at first but they keep on pushing me to do it… well, the first venture wasn’t successful as there were three partners doing it… so, I decided to sell all the stuff I owned to the other partners.  After few months people were again asking me to do it… pushing me to buy  my own set up as maybe they loved how I did the mixing on some recordings they heard… so I bought a set-up started with a Peavey Messenger Pro full tops and Sub bins.  Got an audiohead amp from ebay… got a karaoke from Magic Sing… a projector and a projection screen.  Hmmmm… this would mean I have to pull my Mackie firewire mixer down from my home studio in my attic … and used my Macbook to run Torq from M audio… got a midi controller from them as well… very simple set-up with a few mics from Behringer… ya, man they are quite good sounded very close to the SM58’s from shure at a fraction of a price… well, one shure sm58 was against 5 behringer sm5800.  What would you get then ?  of course I’ll go for the 5 mics compared to one.  Hmmm.. problem was how about my vocal sound?  Mackies don’t come with the FX (onyx models)  so, got into the attic again and pull down my favorite lexicon mpx… this time the sound was brilliant… most people just set up their live sound dj not considering the signal path… hmmmm… this is important in any sound situation signal path… i bet with the set-up I’ve listed above you would know where my laptop was connected then the conversions that happens inside the onxy mixer…. so just

check out more of my gigs all over Manchester on flicker…click on image

Gig at Stockport Me doing the Livesound Disco and Karaoke


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