Is this a Mackie Clone Mixer ? Audio Goodness for the Newbies

Analog or Digital ? What mixer ?

Ok folks more of the Audio goodness… here’s one for the newbies… the old folks knows this but if you are a newbie then read on… ok… what can you see ? guess ? of course it’s a mixer but what make ?  well, if you don’t have enough of the bucks then this is the one for you to start with… it’s a Behringer MX8000… bet you think it was a Mackie 8 bus… popular mixer where many hits was made… hmmm this is a Behringer… and if you know the story behind this mixer then you would get one of these on ebay for £175 OR £200 quid…. not bad for a 24 channel or 32 channel version.  Mackie sued Behringer for making copies of their mixer specially this one but they lost the case because it was said to be different… same looks and sound is very close for a fraction of the price but different inside… well a very close copy I would say.  Well, my story with this mixer even if I hadn’t used one and instead used the mackie at studio C in Salford University, Newton building was that.  One day I  had won a pair of Yamaha HS50’s from a guy in Sale.  I was due to travel for the pick up and when I got to his house… this retired old man invited me to come in and had a look at his home studio.  When I got in the house on the walls I saw pictures of him with Tom Jones, him with Elton John, him with the Beatles and  other celebrities who stepped on the audio room of the BBC.   He was a former recording and studio engineer of the BBC in London and retired because of his illness and moved to Manchester.  The pictures told me about this old man’s background … then I asked him… wow how did you get to have all these celebrities with you in the photos ?  then he claimed I used to be an audio engineer for the BBC in London.  He was a celebrity to me … I was there for the monitors but then I met somebody who was doing the thing for life as a career… so,  I walked into the studio seen the white cones of my monitors… then asked him again… so what is all these set-up.  He said… come,  I’m selling these mixers as well one was a Korg Hardisk mixer and one was a Behringer MX8000.  I was surprised and said you used a Behringer  for the BBC ?  he said,  all my stuff and the stuff I made for the BBC came from this mixer… I couldn’t believe it.  He said, listen I know it’s a behringer but it’s a very quite desk… look… he then pushed some sliders (main slider)  and said, hear it for yourself… the main slider was already up and the desk was to my surprise really quite… so folks…

Conclusion is… if you want analog sound and if you want to save money… get this one Behringer MX8000 BBC at one point in time used it…


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