Emulating the Analog (Universal Audio)

Emulating the Analog from Universal Audio

I bet you would agree that because of the digital revolution where everythings been put into software … well MOST !  there’s no escape for us Audio Engineers, Video Engineers, Web Engineers, Musicians, Music Producers, and Technology enthusiasts in joing the revolution… hahaha.. well,  it’s good because before, people are unable to afford to set-up their own recording studios as the gears were very expensive also they don’t have the capacity to pay for hiring studios just to convert their works into tangible products.

Now, it’s amazing because the whole recording studio has been converted into 0’s and 1’s (Binary codes) and you can buy the whole thing for a fraction of the cost and put into your computer then start recording.  That is your studio… well,  all depends on your ears now and the skills to navigate the new age software platforms like  Pro tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Digital Performer, Reaper, Ableton, Reason and others.  Well, my experience was this… I had a mastering session about a year ago with Mastering Engineer Paul O’Brien a lecturer at Manchester College and at the Manchester MIDI School.  It was a whole day session and inside his mastering studio all I can see was a pair of massive monitors then a mackie hui controller.   I was thinking where are the outboard gears which I was expecting to see there.  That’s the main expectation I had for paying money to see the boards which unfortunately to my surprise weren’t there at all.   Hmmmmmm…. so we did the session together and if you see that pic above the UAD Mastering Bundle he uses that on all of his mastering projects….. 95% of his mastering tools are softwares.  This was a real surprise for me but there was this converter which after the adjustments and tweaks has been done to the track the main output was sent to a Prism Converter and recorded back to the laptop.   That was it … mastered …

I don’t know what’s your experience on mastering but I would be glad to hear from you too…  because of this,  I am thinking of checking out a mastering studio if given the chance in London or maybe better in the USA coz as you know their sound is much fatter than the UK productions.  Well, some might debate about this fact but let us know what you think….emulating the analog now a days is getting better and better and we can’t escape that the gap between software sound and analog sound is getting closer and closer.  All we have to do i guess is to embrace it and live with it… ciao !!! share your thoughts…


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