Multi-Cultural Britain (A workshop tour in Poland)

Multi-Cultural Britain what do you think ?

Just wanted to share this sort of topic for a workshop I will be doing in Poland coming March.  I hope my professors and tutors will be proud to say well one of my students is getting side work now in countries outside UK to do workshops and presentations for other students.   Well,  I missed teaching really and I believe it is the best profession in the world.  Some might say nah… and some might say yes… but for me teaching is very cool… anyway… I decided to take this opportunity because I know this will form part of my portfolio as a teacher and presentor.  I am following my teachers footsteps and the footprints they leave not only benefits me but all of us students.  As we travel our journey in life we always learn and never stop learning and along the way we teach as well… we may not know it but people are learning from us too…   we teach them we teach ourselves as well.

So, what do you think of Multi-Cultural Britain ?  some say its a failure … others say we its not… the Prime Minister … warns of discomfort and disjointedness in communities (got this from one of the online new papers published in 2011 April)  Let’s here what you have in mind.

Anyway, this workshop I have prepared for students of 17-18 years old in Poland.  It’s a workshop and a tour at the same time for me.  It’s not the money for me but its for the experience and sharing of my personal experience of multi-culturalism in Britain.   I believe it’s good … and we need diversity in communities to even learn our own culture as well.   We need to see what’s on the other side to understand our own.  Peace, Unity, Respect, Looking after one another I believe is universal… everybody wants that and I hope I may be able to share these thoughts to the Polish teens I will be speaking to.

Lastly, I think what’s important is the views of the locals … those people who we will live with, commune with, eat with, work with, and interact  day to day… so I made a short video interview of the locals of their own views of Multi-cultural Britain which I will show here after the workshop.  It will be great !!!

Lift the name of Salford University… Power for Salford University…


3 responses to “Multi-Cultural Britain (A workshop tour in Poland)

  1. Nice post, and you’re right about teaching, I missed it a lot over the last few years while working on other projects and it’s good to be back into it.

  2. I did it… it was great … POLAND was a great adventure… i will post some videos and pics here soon..

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