Studio B and Me

Mixing stuff at Studio B using a Yamaha O2R96

Back in the studio … well my favorite studio b at Newton.  I love this Yamaha O2 R96  wish I got one and could afford one.  Great desk and great price as well… ahahaha… hmmm…. it’s only £7799 quid… huh… well that was the price Paul White mentioned in 2002.   I can’t afford this for now… too much… hahaha but ya mentioning the Yamaha O2R96  this was said to be upgraded and we are still waiting for the new release of its upgrade and I think it will be a black color version.  I would expect that to be 192khz instead of the 96khz.  By the way,  if you are after one there’s one the other day I saw on the net selling only for half the price with really top condition… never been out the home studio… so let me wish for a good bonus this March then I’ll find one for myself… huh… but what will I do with my Panasonic Ramsa DA7?  Mackie Onyx 1602 and a Vintage Allen and Heath and Brennell analog Desk ?  hmmm… thinking … thinking… thinking…

Anyway,  enjoy I’ll post more of the music making and live grand piano stuff we will be doing… ciao…


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