Pro tools 9 Mode

Pro tools 9 with Kabir...

In Media City, Salford University Audio Suite… working with Kabir on Pro tools 9 and Kontakt…  we were trying ideas for another project Friends… an original composition written by a friend of course and music was composed by yours truly… this was the initial stage of doing the live Yamaha Concert Grand Piano recording which I will be posting here soon… hearing the samples from various synths and software instruments … we ended up agreeing to just mic up a grand piano at Peel Hall where usually music students perform.   So, we’re both in the Pro tools mode the next day was Audio Post… oooooppps….. that’s a secret … not anymore… everything is in the box now… huh… but anyway… would you agree or disagree that Nuendo from Steinberg was and is more advance than Pro tools  in regards to Audio Post Production… ?  let’s here it from you guys… ciao…


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