Milk Punx Live at the Crescent

Milk Punx Live at the Crescent... with Ben, Henrick and Dr. Phil

Ok folks we will have to wind up a bit and chill with the Milk Punx band playing live at the Crescent tonight 23rd February 2012.  OOOOOOOOhhhhh… If you are from Salford University,  School of Science and Engineering, Acoustics and the Professional Sound and Video Technology Department then you would know these brilliant musicians… co’z were not just engineers and or  scientists… but musicians as well…  Milk Punx is a 6 piece band with Dr. Phil Duncan on the double bass, Ben Shirley on guitars and harmonica, Henrick on drums, Dave on Vocals, and two guys a brilliant saxophone player and another playing the tablas.  It was an extraordinary journey through rock, sock, roll and jazzability… wow… one of a kind folks and you should see them next gig… very unique style of music … lifted unto the next level of jazzability and creativity…

I was actually trying to sort out my podcast for Social Tech at about 8pm when a text message came to my mobile saying … ” So I walk into the crescent to find Jos Phil Duncan Ben Henrick playing musical instruments !!! hahaha  xxx ” this was the very message I got from my classmate D… hmmmm… ah who else was there ?  well,  errr… Helen and Bruno are here too xx    where is it exactly ?  On Salford Crescent just across from the pint pot xxx… so… that was it…I’m coming…  drove my car… went to park at the Pint Pot then got to the Crescent just in time while they were about to start their 2nd set… cool… it was packed with some guys from the Audio Tech and Acoustics and Audio Production but most of them were from the Prof. Sound and Video Technology… ahahha…. don’t quote me… ahahha

This is a diversion from the classroom of course … winding up and my fav Jacks was there too… hmmm…. George was there… with his bike on the other side of the highway with double chains… Great Fun… Great Music… and Great Milk from the Punx…  cool… keep it up !!!


7 responses to “Milk Punx Live at the Crescent

  1. I should have gone but really wasn’t in the mood to leave the house this evening. I’ll definitely catch them next time!!

  2. It was a really good night! We need more PSVT staff-student get togethers – loads of fun 🙂

  3. Was ACE to see so many of you there, and now blogged too!!! thanks 🙂

  4. yes… that was really a good night… enjoyed it… there should be another one in a bigger venue… how about the pint pot ? I would go there to watch…

  5. ‘nother Crescent gig on 29th March, spread the word!

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