Heartbreaking Hope

A storm hit the Philippines before Christmas December 2011 and flooded Cagayan De Oro City & Iligan City. People were caught unaware as the flood came just after midnight and everybody was of course asleep.  It came like a thief in the night and ravaged the city,  many died and was swept by the flood to sea… lost their lives, houses and belongings.  Very  heartbreaking as I know this place and few years back as I remember I go past most of these areas.

Also, the victims spent their Christmas mourning in tents and without much help for food, shelter and clothing.  There was not even enough space for the dead in the funeral parlors and for days some were just left in the open for love ones to claim.  Many lost their love ones,  one woman was swept to another island she was lucky she was alive but coming back to her home she can only see the ruins and brackish water left by the flood , it was empty, with that she got insane and was taken to the mental hospital. Not only her but many others as more than 22,000 families were displaced.  Specially those areas near the river banks they were all wiped out and was washed away.

We are very lucky to have not experienced such a tragedy.  We have to be thankful for whatever we have now.  But for them (Cagayanon’s) hope is there and I encourage the Cayaganons to rise above this “Tragedy”… if you think you have something to share post your comments.  They need your helping hand as well.  Thanks for watching.

Special Thanks to the you tube uploaders for the videos, music and photos.

NO INTENTION TO INFRINGE COPYRIGHT … just my mashed up video.  My Apologies…


3 responses to “Heartbreaking Hope

  1. This is such a powerful video – well done.

  2. Thanks Helen… also thanks for liking my mash-up video… its a blessing we are alive… and we should really be thankful for that…

  3. Reblogged this on Music World Academy Leeds and commented:
    Heartbreaking Hope… Nothing is impossible with God…

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